10 Quick & Easy Last Minute Costumes


October is not over yet! And I don’t doubt for a second that there’s about to be a few bootacular, turnt up ass Halloween parties all lined up for this last week of festivities! And we understand all our hard working or hardly working ladies that haven’t found the time to come up with a costume… But don’t even trip because Cherie & Ducky got you covered! Let us alleviate your thinking caps and suggest 10 quick and easy costumes you can simply get your hands on:

1.     Lumber Jane



Red Plaid Flannel Dress $30.80

Combat boots, black beanie, and a gnarly ass glow in the dark ax from the 99 cents store. Lumber Jane ain’t plain bitch. YA DIG?!

2.     Minion

5 6

Long Dark Denim Overalls $35.80

Yellow Crop Top: Thrift store

Chuck Taylors & of course, we decided to print out the Minion’s emblem on their overalls from Google to seal the deal!

3.     Evil Fairy

11 12

Off the Shoulder Crop Top $14.80

Black Slit Skirt $16.80

Skeleton Hair Clip $4.80

Collar Necklace: 99 cents store

Fairy Wings: 99 cents store

All you really have to do is wear ALL BLACK! You can get black lipstick at your nearest Halloween store. Or if you’d like to incorporate Black Lipstick to your lipstick collection, I do suggest Black Velvet from Limecrime. The best black lipstick, HANDS DOWN!

4.     Chun Li

1 2 3

Blue Mesh Panel Dress $19.80


In order to achieve Chun Li’s look, we used two materials: Scrap white fabric & White ribbon 1.5″ (you can use an old white tee) and decided to cut out 2 white squares that are big enough to cover our two buns… hun. (LOL*) No Nicki Minaj. Then you take the ribbon’s and cut the ends in half and tie around the buns. Use bobby pins to keep in place.


We used two black hair donuts from the 99 cents store. Feel free to add any kind of studding detail around your hair donuts to complete the look.


Wrap your waist with the white ribbon, throw on your favorite white shoes and VIOLA! K.O.

5.     Warrior Princess

10 9

Black Frolic Romper $20.80

(ANY) Head Chain $12.80

The two warrior props can be found at the 99 cents store!

6.     Dias de los Muertos


Ruby Red Flannel $23.80

Bikini Bottoms $12.80

Criss Cross Caged Bandeau $13.80

Skeleton Hand Hair Clip $4.80

Body Chain $13.80

7.     Ganja princess


Weed High Waist Bikini Bottoms $17.80

Cloud 9 Scoop Crop Top $14.80

Add yourself a crown or even a head piece. Ganja princess stuntin’ for sure!

8.     School Girl


Bad Plaid Circle Skirt $22.80

Criss Cross Caged Bandeau $13.80

Now all you need is a pair of glasses, braided pig tails, and maybe even some knee high socks. Naughty is optional.

9.     Sailor


White Criss Cross Bandeau $13.80

Stripe High Waist Bikini Bottoms $14.80

So with this outfit, there is a DIY sailor hat that you can easily make with items that can be found in your own household! Or you can go and cop yourself a sailor hat. Don’t forget to apply some red lipstick. AHOY mate!

10. Sexy Goddess


Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 11.12.40 PM

Lazer Caged Cut Dress $28.80

Gold Leaf Layer Head Chain $7.80

The key to look like a Goddess is your emphasis on gold jewelry! Most typically the head piece is what really accentuates your Goddess vibes. And make sure you’re wearing all white!

AND THE BEST PART OF ANY OF THESE PIECES IS… This can all be incorporated to your daily wardrobe! 😉

We really do hope you can find some inspiration for your last minute Halloween costumes. Most importantly, have fun! Enjoy your turn up festivities and be safe! Don’t eat sus candies & don’t drink sus drinks made by someone you don’t know.

PS: Don’t let these weak ass b*tches hinder your happy vibes.

PSS: UBER, LYFT, or TAXI. Do not drink & drive!*

Happy Halloween!



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