Channel your Inner Flannel

It’s no secret that November is transcending into warmer clothes to drool for. Summer was great and all but the chilly coolness and saturated weather has finally touched down! Well at least here in bipolar California. TBH, I am over the sweaty, treacherous heat waves and I am ready to cozy up in layers. ‘Tis the season for layering! Now let me tell you something I’ve been eyeing in realization in this seasons style steady making its way as we speak: Flannel Dresses.

Yep. The plaid kinds with a twist. And that is side slit details to create a more edgy ass feel. Another thing about these button up flannel dresses is that you can even switch it up to an outerwear as if you are wearing a maxi coat or cardi. Check out the deetz of my #OOTD with photographer Erick Tran.


Side slit details


Wearing it as an outwear


Me hiding no where


Me pretending to ponder

All in all, I just wanted to keep you in the loop and spark up a lightbulb in your idea bubbles on how to wear these type of pieces. It’s available here and comes in a black and white color-way as well! Can’t wait to see how you guys style your flannel dresses! Be sure to hashtag #GoldsouLLA on instagram for a chance to be featured! ❤

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