Case of the Manicure Mondays

Ladies! I would like to announce something that insanely sky-rockets my happy meter. I’m sure you can probably catch a hint with the title of this post. But, girl let me tell you that I am one thrilled mothaf*cka with the flyest nails this month! Lol! I have to give it up to my nail artist, Eric from Hana Nails in Long Beach though. ( IG: @naildesignsbyeric ) I wouldn’t be shaking hands or handing out high-fives with my ratchet ex-nail gaps and broken ex-nails if it weren’t for him hooking up my ratchet ass ex-nails.


Gold Snake Midi Ring $3.80

Sahara Rustic Midi Ring $10.80 ( I wore 2/4 of the ring set)


Gold Triple Line Midi Ring $3.80

Mini Chevron Ring $3.80

Gold Zig Zag Ring $2.80

I was feeling for black with gold lining nails to reciprocate my outfits since 1) black goes with practically everything and 2) I typically complete my look with gold finishing touches (aka accessories) anyways. He used these gold adhesive line sticker decors and aligned two ruler straight lines and on my wanna-be middle finger (between the pinky & real middle finger lol) a more abstract detail that is almost that of a diamond. I love my oval claw nails and having fresh nails. I’m happy ass shit, my nails are fresh, my designs are on point, call me corny but, YES, this is the diagnosis of the case of the manicure Mondays.

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