GET THE LOOK: Cranberry Craze (Holiday Makeup)

Cranberry is not only a delicious berry that is in season during the Fall, but it is also a beautiful shade of red that anyone can rock regardless of the color of their skin tone. Whether its cranberry sweaters, scarves, or makeup, the list goes on and I can almost guarantee you that there is a shade of cranberry for you to experiment with this season! With the holidays rolling around pretty soon and thanksgiving coming up this week (AHHHH ESSSITED!!), it gives us a perfect excuse to rock this color! Not that we wouldn’t rock this color on any other given day (hehe) but it definitely compliments the holiday season extremely well especially paired up with all the warm colors that the cold season brings. Since I’m guessing that everyone is on a tight budget nowadays due to splurging on gifts and all, I created a full face cranberry holiday makeup look using DRUGSTORE products only! You can roll up to all the holiday parties and gatherings with this sultry look and people wouldn’t even know how quick, easy, and cheap it was for this whole entire look! *Snap snap!* Uh huh hunnay! The best part is that most of these products can be found at your local drugstore! How convenient is that?! I got everything from Target and Walmart. Here are the steps to achieve this look:

NOTE** I apologize in advance for the camera quality and lighting. I am still learning how to use this camera so bare with me please… Thank you!


Prior to putting on your eye makeup and the rest of your face, please cleanse your face and prep your skin for foundation with moisturizer and foundation primer. You can then fill in your eyebrows and apply eye shadow primer to your eyelids after applying foundation (will demonstrate in a separate post).

PRODUCTS I USED: Olay Fresh Effects Hydrating Gel Moisturizer, Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer, Loreal Tru Match Lumi W6 (My shade is NC40-NC42 in MAC foundations)

EYEBOWS: Elf Cream Eyeliner in “Coffee,” Elf Eyebrow kit in shade Medium


STEP 1: Prep your eyes with eye shadow primer to ensure that the eye shadows are vibrant and stays put all day long. I used Elf’s eye shadow primer.

STEP 2: Apply the shade “Brulee” by WetnWild all over the brow bone and drag it down towards the crease. By doing this, it will help the other eye shadows blend better.



STEP 3: Apply a cranberry eye shadow all over the lid. I used the shade “Rust” by Nyx Cosmetics.



STEP 4: Blend, blend, BLEND YOUR LIFE AWAY! No harsh lines over here!


STEP 5: Apply the chocolate brown shade in WetnWild’s “Desert Stage” palette by Fergie into the crease and blend in small circular motions making sure that it stays in the crease and does not reach the brow bone.



STEP 6: Apply the shimmery dark brown shade by the same WetnWild palette into the outer corner. Apply a little at a time until you achieve the darkness that you want. BLEND!



STEP 7: Apply the shimmery white shade in “The Smokey Shadow Palette” by NYX cosmetics into the inner corner.


STEP 8: Apply eyeliner and mascara.



STEP 9: Apply the chocolate brown shade from the same WetnWild palette into the outside corner on the lower lash line. Then, apply the dark shimmer brown shade on top for more definition. Apply black eyeliner into the waterline and BLEND for that smokey effect. TIP** A trick to making your eyeliner darker is to take your pencil eyeliner, dip it into your favorite black gel eyeliner, and applying it into the waterline. By doing this, it will not only make the eyeliner look darker but it also ensures that your eyeliner stays put and doesn’t smudge. 



STEP 10: Apply false eyelashes (optional) I used Red Cherry’s #43 (MY ALL TIME FAAAAV!)



STEP 1: Apply concealer under the eyes, down the nose, chin, forehead, and beneath the hollows of the cheek bones for added brightness or to “bring out” these features. Also, conceal areas that need additional coverage such as on redness, blemishes, and scars. Blend into your foundation with a beauty blender, brush, or your ring finger.

PRODUCTS USED: Airspun translucent loose powder, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (Shade 10), Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder (Medium).

STEP 2: Apply translucent powder on all the areas that you placed the concealer and lightly apply the pressed powder onto the rest of the face to control oil and to ensure that your foundation lasts all day long.

DSC03221 DSC03400

STEP 3: Apply the bronzer “Sunny” by NYC along the sides of your forehead, temples, hollows of your cheek bones, under your chin and jaw line. This not only adds some color and definition back into your face but it also creates a “slimming effect” and acts as a transition shade for blending purposes when contouring.

DSC03269 DSC03385

STEP 4: Use a smaller brush to apply a deeper matte bronzer down the sides of your nose, in the hollows of your cheek bones, under your chin, and jaw line for a more sculpted look. I used “Dark Tan Matte Bronzer” by NYX.

DSC03290 DSC03386

STEP 5: Apply the blush “pearlescent pink” by WetnWild onto the cheek bones and sweep it back towards your hairline.

DSC03281  DSC03387

STEP 6: Add an extra glow by highlighting with Elf’s “Golden Bronzer.” Apply this shade onto the top of the cheek bones and down the bridge of the nose.

STEP 7: Use a big clean brush and blend everything together. Please make sure that there are no harsh lines!

DSC03327 DSC03392

STEP 8: Apply your favorite cranberry lipstick! I used WetnWild’s lipstick in the shade “552A Just Garnet”

DSC03312 DSC03368

And VOILA! Your quick and easy sultry holiday look is complete! Now time for selfies!!!


Give this look a try and be sure to hashtag #GoldSoulla so we can see how your Cranberry Craze look turned out! I hope you all have a fun, safe, and blessed Thanksgiving! Thank you all for tuning in! Until next time, stay weird my friends =)



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