Dreaming of a new tattoo design? Looking for something trendy, creative and temporary? What about Henna? Using Henna allows you to mark your body however you please and you can use that creative flair that we all have! It’s super inexpensive, so go right ahead and get yourself some and get designing.

When you’ve got your Henna paste in your hot little hands, start off with some practice runs on a piece of paper. The purpose of this is to get yourself used to holding the applicator (cones are usually best) and basically getting into the flow of drawing with paste. When you’re ready to draw on your skin, draw on your design with an eye/lip liner first if you want to be extra cautious. You can then trace the liner with your Henna paste for a perfect outcome!






You don’t have to be the next Picasso to be able to create rad Henna designs. All you need is a little inspiration and those creative juices and you’re good to go! Make a day out of it – invite some of your best girls and guys over, come up with some amazing Henna ideas and offer free Henna’s for all! Enjoy x

Alissa xx

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