It’s time to stop blaming Women for having breasts.

If you’re new to society and mass media marketing, here’s one thing you need to know. Apparently, women’s breasts are there for show and for men’s eyes only. They have no other purpose, unless they’re used for breastfeeding in which case you should never do in public because 1. that’s absolutely disgraceful and disgusting and 2. that’s obviously not what breasts are for.

In a recent article, I read the title “It’s time to stop blaming women for having breasts” then continue on to read the sub-heading, which states “Women who choose to wear clothing that reveals their cleavage are scorned by a hypocritical press – and accused of provoking assault.” The fact that it’s 2015 and these are still news headlines is unbelievable.

Now is a good time to embrace womanhood and now is a good time to show off who you are without any shame.

It’s not your responsibility to dress modestly for anyone. You make that decision and you dress how you want to. You’re not a thing that can be objectified. Remind yourself that men do not have control over you and you do not exist for their gaze. We don’t want to be accused of being attention seeking sex objects, so hold your head up high when you walk down the street knowing that you’re ready to throw a punch at the creep that wants to call you his ‘Babe’ and know that we shouldn’t be apologetic about that. We shouldn’t have to say ‘sorry’ because something we wear is offending someone; instead we should be the ones offended that they feel that our bodies are in the wrong.

Next time someone wants to slut shame you for having breasts, you have my permission to tell them to fuck off. If you want to show off some boobage because it boosts your confidence and makes you happy about yourself, go ahead and do just that because that’s fucking awesome.


Alissa x

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