Werkin’ on that bum!

It’s official. Everyone’s obsessed with the booty. Everyone is obsessed with bums, butts and booty’s. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you the secrets on how Kim Kardashian maintains such a lush bum, but what I can do, is lead you in the right direction so that you can get WERK hard for your own lush bum.

Ready? Let’s get to werrrk.

Butts 2 by Heymonster via Society6

What are some videos that I can follow?
Cassey Ho from Blogilates has workout videos that are so on point, you probably won’t want to stop after the one workout. Here are the best of the best bum workouts from Cassey! Click on the pictures to go straight to the video.

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 11.04.14 pm

6 Mins to a Sexy Body / Grab your exercise mat and start with this sexy workout! You’ll be doing some challenging moves like the Cross Butt Lift, Fire Hydrant and the Heel lift.

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 11.04.37 pm

What Makes You Bootyful Butt Challenge / An awesome exercise challenge for those who are just easing in to serious butt toning and firming. It’s a fun workout video that you can sing along to!

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 11.03.52 pm

Hips Butt ‘n Thighs Super Shaper Workout / Here’s some next level sh** for you. For this video, you’ll be focusing on not only your glutes, but your hips AND your thighs. You’ll love yourself after this – you can’t go wrong!

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 11.03.32 pm

Intense INNER THIGH Challenge / If you want to push yourself to be the strongest you’ve ever been. Do this challenge. You’ll mostly be doing a move called the Froggy Jump Squat, but don’t be fooled by the cute name because this workout will leave you seriously unable to move!

What can I do at the Gym?

Leg Press
/ Build up strength in your legs and your glutes by using the Leg Press at the gym.

Ellipse Machine
/ Khloé Kardashian uses this at the gym… need I say more?

Kettle Weights
/ Do your research and look up the hundreds of amazing exercises you can do using a kettle weight at the gym (or even at home!).

/ You can’t escape cardio if you’re werking towards a lovely round, plump bum. Get on that treadmill and do a bit of cardio – hard work pays off!

What exercises can I do around the house?
We all find ourselves sitting around doing absolutely nothing at one point in the day and it’s also the best chance to pass the time with little exercises to work on that bum! You could do some good old squats (and you’d be surprised how many variations of squats there are out there). If you’ve got yourself a set of stairs, make use of them! Run up and down the steps for a good few minutes for an intense butt workout. If walking is just too mainstream to do around the house, swap it for lunges. It’s a stretch, a toning and strengthening exercise and if you do enough, you’ll still feel the burn tomorrow!

What else can I do?
As weird as it sounds, sit down less. If you’re at home or at an office, make your seat more cushioned for the comfort and benefit of your bum, or you could even replace your desk chair with an exercise ball.
Moisturize that backside for a complexion of a Goddess. Honey, you’ll make them boys cry wishing they had that booty!


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I CAN AND I WILL: How to stay motivated

This is for those who love being creative. This is for those who are stumped for ideas for a school project. This is for those who are finding it hard to stay true to themselves and sticking to a personal goal. This is a post for anyone who’s ever found it difficult to find inspiration when they need it most, and let’s face it – we’ve all been in that situation.

So if you’re feeling bummed out in the motivation department, here are a few little tips that will keep you motivated and to ‘wow’ the people around you.


1. Let your friends inspire you
Look around and realize that you’ve surrounded yourself with amazing peeps. Your best buddies will become your favorite motivation – just be with them and enjoy life. You’ll see.

2. Make a mood board
Not only do mood boards look incredibly artistic and chic, but they inspire you to get shit done! Your mood board is your mood board, so go crazy. Gather cut outs from magazines, print things from the net, write notes on paint color cards or if you like things digital, try making a Pinterest (Warning: You may get addicted).

3. Let the lyrics speak
It’s happened to the best of us. You know, when we hear a lyric of a song and think ‘Oh my god, this song is my jam.’ That’s what songs are supposed to do, so whether you’re a ‘IDGAF’ fan of M.I.A or a slow jam fan of Regina Spektor, listen to songs that keep you going.

4. Have the right mindset
Stop telling yourself that you can’t do things, because I’m here to officially tell you that you can do whatever the f*** you want! Instead of avoiding whatever you need to do and making up excuses, tell yourself that you actually want to and push yourself to do more! 👊


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It’s that time again – time to glam up those claws of yours! Today I’ve got a fresh take on the Yin and Yang symbol that you can show off on your very own nails. It’s probably easier than you think and you can customize it however you want because hey, no one’s stopping you.

All you’re going to need is two different nail varnish colors (you choose the colors, or you can go with the traditional black and white) and your go-to clear top coat. Yep I’m being for real right now – that’s all you need! So what next? Follow this tutorial and be the talk of the town.


STEP 1 Start off with fresh nails. Cut and cleaned however you like it.


STEP 2 Choose you main nail color and apply 2 coats of that to each nail.


STEP 3 Choose your detail nail (AKA the nail you want to Yin & Yang-ify) and choose your second color.

STEP 4 Using the brush of your second color, paint on the line where the two colors meet (see photo below).


STEP 5 Fill in one side with your second color. Let it dry for 1-2 minutes.


STEP 6 Using the flat end of each nail varnish brush, leave a small amount of color to apply the dots. The color of dot that you apply should be the opposite color to what you’re painting on… if that makes any sense. (See photo below)


STEP 7 Leave to dry for another few minutes and apply your top coat to all nails. You’re done!


Like I said before, you can customize this nail art however you want. You could apply the design on every nail, or you could even mix up the colors every nail for some trippy shiz. Go crazy with your creative mind and have fun!


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Makeup Bag Essentials

Whether you’re off to Fashion Week or to walk into a Chanel Store pretending you can buy a single thing, a girl needs a makeup bag full of only the best kinds of stuff. When was the last time you updated your makeup bag? Lucky I’ve always got ya back because here’s a sign – it’s time we get serious about Makeup and sort this out together!


concealer-1Take a concealer around with you for whenever you need to quickly touch up a specific spot to look more awake!

cream-1You never know when your hands will need that little bit more softness during the day/night, so having a cute little sample sized cream is so convenient!

eyebrow-1Let’s be real. Our eyebrows need to be on fleek all day. Having an eyebrow pencil and a spooley brush will save you from bad eyebrow days!

fragance-1For those times when you just want to feel fresher – you can pop into your makeup bag and spritz on something that makes you smell fancy.

hair-2Sometimes we want to let our hair down, but sometimes we need our hair up. Save yourself from being that person who asks everyone if they happen have a spare elastic.

lips-1Every girl needs to carry a variety of lip products. A red lipstick – for a quick glam makeover. A Lip Balm – for when those chapped lips get the better of you. A lip plumper – obviously, for those situations where you want to look sophisticated and sexy.

makeup-1In case of emergencies, makeup wipes are there to save the day.

mascara-1For that much needed extra flutter, a good tube of mascara will go a long way.

powder-1For those gals who love a powder touch-up (me included!), this is a go-to item. Here’s a tip – find a powder shade that can be applied all over the face and can also be built up to be a bronzer or even a blusher! Works a treat!

brushes-1Now how are you meant to touch-up with no brush?

stain-1Two products in one! Lip and cheek stains are an awesome product to carry around, especially if you’re all about that value and convenience.


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BAKE UP: Guilt-free Dough balls

Wake up, bake up. Are you feeling the need to spontaneously bake something amazing? What about some guilt-free oatmeal spice dough balls – amazing enough? Of course they are! Who doesn’t want that sweet spicy taste of cinnamon hitting their lips when they bite into a moist dough ball of goodness? Salivating yet? Well let’s get right into it.
4 tbsp wholemeal flour
2 tbsp regular oats
1 egg
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp ground cloves
Pinch of salt
2 tbsp honey
1 tsp vanilla extract
Mixing bowl
Mixing spoon
Baking paper
Microwave safe plate

STEP 1  Mix together your wholemeal flour, oats and egg in a mixing bowl using a mixing spoon.
IMAG0228 IMAG0229
STEP 2 Add your spices to the mix – cinnamon, cloves and salt. Mix together.
STEP 3 Add the honey and the vanilla extract and mix.
STEP 4 Grab a microwave safe plate and lay out a layer of baker paper on top of it.
STEP 5 Using a tablespoon, put dollops of your mixture on the baking paper leaving half an inch between each ball.
STEP 6 Place them in the microwave and cook them on high for approximately 50 seconds.
STEP 7 Let them cool for 10-15 minutes and take them off the baking paper.
STEP 8 Sprinkle them with a bit of extra cinnamon and voila!
Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 5.47.06 pm


Yes, Valentine’s Day may be over and done with and you’re probably sick of the word ‘love’, but back up for a sec now. It’s time to really focus on you and only you. It’s time to learn to love the person that you are. Don’t get me wrong, having that special someone in your life to love is an awesome thing, but it’s important that you’re 100% confident with yourself and oozing with positive vibes!

So you’re ready to love yourself? It’s simple and so amazing for your well-being. After you read this, hopefully you’ll feel inspired to go out there and do great things because why the hell not?


1. Stop comparing yourself to other people. You’re your own original person and that’s what makes you, you. That persons’ Instagram you keep lurking because you think they have a ‘perfect’ life – they’re entire life isn’t revealed through a few little square photos, so it’s no use putting yourself down because you think you’re not living life to the fullest because everyone their has ups and downs (yes, even the Kardashian’s and the Jenner’s).

2. Learn to have a laugh at yourself every once in a while and have fun while doing it. Don’t you want to look back at your life when you’re 90 and think ‘That was such a laugh’?

3. It’s 2015 and unfortunately, there are still judgmental pricks that exist. But, a legend by the name of Rihanna once said “Don’t let the bastards get you down.” Take that advice and realize the beauty of your body – from the spots on your face to the stretchmarks on your thighs, they’re imperfections that should be embraced and loved. They’re a sign that you are an imperfect human and that you’re totally okay with that.

4. Take a moment to appreciate life. Yours in particular. Think about how much you’ve already accomplished so far and think to yourself “Damn, I’m a bad ass bitch”. Having the right attitude is key to fully understanding how to love yourself, so be inspired and do more awesome shit that you can be proud of.


So, now it’s your turn to take action. Have you told yourself how beautiful you are today?

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