Valentine’s Wishlist

Valentine's Wishlist
Valentine’s Day… a day for L O V E. Or if you’re anti-Valentine’s day, it could be just another day to love yourself even more. Wishlists aren’t just for birthdays and Christmas anymore. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to send in that wishlist to a significant other or even as a reminder to treat yoself. In a relationship, single, or just dgaf… it don’t matter. Whatever the case, I will never be for anti-love. All you need is LOVE!

1.  Books: Love Letters of Great Men by Ursula Doyle and How To Love by Thich Nhat  Hahn
Who doesn’t love a good book? Love letters make me absolutely melt. It is also really awesome to see that romantic love existed especially with all the shadyness that goes on these days. I chose How to Love because I think that’s a subject where we can always learn. The description says, “How to Love is a book about mindfulness, distilling one of our strongest emotions down to four essentials: you can only love another when you feel true love for yourself; love is understanding; understanding brings compassion; and deep listening and loving speech are key ways of showing our love.” And I’m definitely all for it.
2. Cream Puff Backpack Purse from Gold-Soul
This bag is just gorgeous. It would be good for a day out when using the backpack straps and look great on a date as a purse. The simplicity and color of it makes it that much greater as a bag. One of Gold-Soul’s prizes.
This is a little piece with a big statement. These key tags are a gem. They’re really simple but absolutely awesome and useful. My favorites being: ‘B*TCH DON’T STEAL MY FRIES’, ‘DON’T GIVE UP, LOSER’, ‘NOT IN THE MOOD’, ‘PRETTY GOOD AT BAD DECISIONS’, and my ultimate favorite, ‘THE EMERGENCY SHANK’. Honestly, if I could get a key tag for each of my keys… I probably would.
If someone were to get me two dozen of these babies I would be a happy girl. My favorite flavors are passion fruit, rose, lavender (I like the flowery kinds lol), raspberry and vanilla. Let’s be real, sometimes they could be a bit pricey but we all need some sweetness in our lives! The way the cookie just looks is beautiful. I love macarons so much that I have a macaron coin purse from Gold-Soul!
5. The French Bulldog Coin Bank
In honor of me and the mister getting a French Bulldog puppy earlier this year, this bank would be a perfect addition. Saving money in a cute matter is absolutely necessary. Our puppy Benson would be getting his own allowance in his own bank that looks like him LOL!
I own both the Fuji Instax Wide and Mini 8. I love the concept of instant cameras. Film just makes everything that much more precious. The biggest problem with these cameras though is bringing them around everywhere. With this printer you have the convenience of going out without lugging the big ol’ camera. You get to print out that beautiful selfie or “US-ie” and still get that instant camera look & feel.
7. Quay Australia My Girl Sunglasses
Ever since they’ve announced these sunglasses I have been eye-ing them. But they are sold out almost everywhere 😦 The moment I am able to get my hands on them again, I will be struttin’ around like I own the place.
I’ve tried the Therapy Massage Bar from Lush and freakin’ lovedd it! So this year I would love to try the honey and chocolate infused bar for some deep moisturizing. The sweet smell would be a bonus for my skin.
Lip balms and butters have always been my thing. Dry lips are a big no-no for me. This lip balm gets soaked in to your lips and leaves them feeling extra soft. And when you have extra soft lips, the kissing action is that much more amazing lol. Even if you don’t have anyone to kiss, you can wake up knowing that you’ll have a beautiful lip canvas for any lip color.
10. Vanity Lace Bra by For Love and Lemons
Last but not least, a beautiful black lace bra. It’s just plain beautiful. The delicateness of the lace is perfect for Valentine’s Day. My boobs and self-confidence might just boost up 10 points just wearing it. When you look good, you feel good. And I’m all for that!

Quay Australia My Girl

Fresh lip care

Bath body product

Design 55 dog home decor
$23 –

How To Love By Thich Nhat Hanh

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