Makeup Bag Essentials

Whether you’re off to Fashion Week or to walk into a Chanel Store pretending you can buy a single thing, a girl needs a makeup bag full of only the best kinds of stuff. When was the last time you updated your makeup bag? Lucky I’ve always got ya back because here’s a sign – it’s time we get serious about Makeup and sort this out together!


concealer-1Take a concealer around with you for whenever you need to quickly touch up a specific spot to look more awake!

cream-1You never know when your hands will need that little bit more softness during the day/night, so having a cute little sample sized cream is so convenient!

eyebrow-1Let’s be real. Our eyebrows need to be on fleek all day. Having an eyebrow pencil and a spooley brush will save you from bad eyebrow days!

fragance-1For those times when you just want to feel fresher – you can pop into your makeup bag and spritz on something that makes you smell fancy.

hair-2Sometimes we want to let our hair down, but sometimes we need our hair up. Save yourself from being that person who asks everyone if they happen have a spare elastic.

lips-1Every girl needs to carry a variety of lip products. A red lipstick – for a quick glam makeover. A Lip Balm – for when those chapped lips get the better of you. A lip plumper – obviously, for those situations where you want to look sophisticated and sexy.

makeup-1In case of emergencies, makeup wipes are there to save the day.

mascara-1For that much needed extra flutter, a good tube of mascara will go a long way.

powder-1For those gals who love a powder touch-up (me included!), this is a go-to item. Here’s a tip – find a powder shade that can be applied all over the face and can also be built up to be a bronzer or even a blusher! Works a treat!

brushes-1Now how are you meant to touch-up with no brush?

stain-1Two products in one! Lip and cheek stains are an awesome product to carry around, especially if you’re all about that value and convenience.


Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 5.47.06 pm

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