Why Red Lipstick rules

Every girl needs to have a good red lipstick in their life – whether you’re into beauty or not, it’s a must-have! Whack some onto your lips when you need a bit of glam, and you automatically look like you’re ready for an A-list event.

So why is it such an amazing item to have in every persons’ beauty bag? Here’s just a few reasons why…

– It’s a shade that can be worn in the day or night

– You feel like a boss bitch applying that shiz

– It’s a color that compliments every skin color

– It’s such a classic and timeless color

– There’s a shade for every outfit

– There’s a shade for every mood

– A sheer Red Gloss gives off the effortless look

– Taylor Swift can’t stop singing about it

– Find the right shade and you can create the illusion of brighter and whiter teeth

– Red Lips are a bold statement

– It’s super sexy

– It’s super badass

– It’s an awesome eye-brightening beauty illusion

Is a classic red your favorite color to smear on your lips?

Words By Femme sign off

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