TAKE A BREAK: What to do on your days off

From time to time, there comes days where you don’t have to do anything at all. These are beautiful days and should be cherished.


It’s easy to be overwhelmed with spare time. So much so that we might get caught up in the thought that this time will last forever and that we have plenty of time to do nothing. Most of the time, that’s not the case.

So what can you do to be productively lazy on your days off? Here’s a few ideas…

1. Sit yourself at a nice cafe. With your girlfriends, or by yourself. Go to your favorite brunch spot or try some place new to eat and drink something yummy. Bring a magazine or the book that you never have time to read. If you’re an artsy gal, bring a pen and notepad and get creative with your thoughts.

2. Go shopping and buy yourself something. You’ve worked hard for that dosh, so now it’s time to shop harder. You’ve probably been eyeing something for the past few months – give yourself permission to finally own it!

3. Watch your favorite movie/show. Be careful with this one. It’s so easy to jump into your most comfortable PJ’s and sit on the couch with some chocolate and Netflix. If you do find yourself in this situation, remember that you’ll eventually have to leave the couch sometime. But go right ahead and pour yourself a glass of wine and have a date with your couch because you deserve this!

4. Try your hand at a DIY project. For some, getting can be fun or therapeutic and the outcome of something that you made can be pretty satisfying. Put on your crafty hat and dive into some serious DIY. Here are some DIY’s that you can try out – from yours truly!

5. Take a trip to the beach. Who doesn’t want to just lay on the sand for a few hours and soak up the sun? Take your sunnies and relax. Listen to the waves and make the most of your day off!

Have fun, babes!

sign off

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