3 Ways To End the Day on a Happy Note

Everyone’s done the whole ‘over-thinking the night away and never getting any sleep’ routine, and we agree that it sucks. Big time.

We are all about the positivity. We think that there’s no time to mess around with negativity. Period. YOU are a person with Gold Vibez, and we want you to wake up with good vibes and end everyday on a happy note. So how I hear you asking? Read on for 3 of the best tips on how to end even the shittiest days on a happy note.


    • Plan the next day
      There comes some sort of comfort when you know that things are planned ahead of time. When you’ve done something as simple as writing down a list of things to do the next day, or prepared things for the near future, you find that you don’t need to lose sleep over your organization skills.


    • Meditate
      It’s important that you feel relaxed before you even go to sleep. Meditation is great for the mind, body and spirit. It doesn’t have to be a lavish routine with fancy essential oils or burning incense, just find a meditation track somewhere on the Internet (YouTube is always your friend!), lay down and meditate.


    • Fall asleep listening to music
      Whatever you want, babe! Make a playlist of some of your favorite feel-good bangers or maybe a playlist of chill AF tunes. Put your headphones in and fall asleep to music that makes you feel gooooood!


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