This boss bitch Khloe Kardashian, has been in the headlines recently for all the right reasons. She’s built up some major confidence in herself and she’s ready to share the positive vibes.

Khloe always knows what to say in every situation and makes sure she adds a bit of ghetto and sass into what she has to say. With such a quotable personality, we just had to pick out a few of her greatest lines!


“Take advantage of the young years and have fun”


“The best form of revenge is a good body”

“If you can’t stand to be alone with you, why would somebody else want to be alone with you?”

“Don’t just sit there and be sad, fucking fix it”

“I love long nails. They give me energy”

“How strong you stand is what makes you”

“You have to experience things for yourself in order to feel that you have lived life”

“I would rather laugh than cry”

“Being in love is gorgeous and everyone should have it”

Khloe loves all thing inspirational. She loves being inspired and wants everyone to feel inspired! Expect an uplifting book from by Khloe herself in November this year!

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