How are those pretty claws of yours? In need of some new unique and creative nail art inspiration? What about this simple and stylish gradient nail design?



If you want a sure-fire conversation starter, all you need is 3 colors of varnish: Black, grey and white. And you’ll also need your fave Top Coat.

Starting off with clean nails, paint on one coat of black varnish to your thumb nails. Then one coat of grey on your middle finger, and one coat of white varnish on your pinky nail! Then go back and do your second coat.

Moving on to your index finger! On a scrap piece of paper, make a mixture of black and white varnish, making sure there’s more back in the mix. You should end up with a charcoal-like color. Paint that shiz on!

Make another color by mixing your white and grey varnish. Put in a little more grey than white. You should end up with a pale grey color, then paint it on to your ring finger!

Let it dry and finish off with your top coat!



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wbf sign off2

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