FASHION TALK FRIDAY: Stripes or plaid?

Both are stylish and fashionable. Both are timeless and classic. They’re versatile and seriously everyone looks good in both prints. But, which do you prefer?

Are you more of a chic stripes wearer or an edgy plaid girl?

Photo from Instagram: @rubilove

All the Bloggers can’t get enough of both stripes and plaid because they give off that effortlessly casual chic look that we all want to embrace. Both are awesome to wear during any season, whether it’s Summer or Winter. So, which do you wear more?

Photo from Pinterest

The timeless stripes can be found in different styles, so you’re bound to find some sort of striped piece that you just love. The striped tee is one of the most versatile clothing staple that we all need in our wardrobe – guys and girls. Speaking of clothing that is both versatile and should be a wardrobe staple, stripes come in all different designs, so whether you’re more into button down’s, structured blazer’s or striped skirts, there’s something out there for you and your wardrobe.

Photo from Pinterest

Forget the misconception that horizontal stripes make you look ‘fat’. If you want to rock stripes, then do it. Do it and wear it with confidence!

Plaid will never go out of style. It’s been around forever and it’s not disappearing anytime soon. If you’re trying to achieve a laid-back and grungy look, or you’re channeling your inner fashion-forward school uniform, plaid will go perfectly.

Photo from Tokyo Fashion

It’s the perfect pop of pattern with any minimal outfit and, like stripes, comes in endless styles. A pleated skirt for a cute ‘girl power’ look paired with a plain tee and some chunky booties, or a light plaid coat simply paired with blue jeans, a white tee and strappy heels – you can’t go wrong with styling!

So… Have you decided on what you’re wearing today?


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