Time to make the most out of the sunshine and summertime that we have left in 2015!

What better way to transition them sun-kissed days to cold and cosy days in than changing up your wardrobe and beauty products? And girls, while you’re at it, treat yourself to one last Summer manicure. Get a color on them claws that remind you of the Summer that you’ve just had! Bring some color into this autumnal season!

Or, if you’d rather do it yourself, we’ve got a bubbly nail art design that is simple and will make your nails pop in the Fall.


– White Nail Varnish
– 2 different colored Nail Varnishes of your choice
– Top Coat


On clean nails, paint on 2 coats of White Nail Varnish.


Take your first chosen color and begin to paint small dots with the tip of the brush. Make sure the dots are more dense towards the tip of your nails. Once that has dried, do the same with your second nail varnish color. Overlapping the dots is encouraged!


Dry it out and finally add your top coat. Voila, you’ve got confetti nails.


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