Things I Learnt As A Fashion Intern

Let’s be honest, we all dream of a workplace where we’re literally surrounded by designer shoes, handbags and clothing.

Our office desks would be piled on with swing tags and accessories instead of paperwork. We’d be talking the latest trends in fashion and jam to bangers after the end of every day.

Being part of the fashion business world for a brief moment in my life was kind of a dream come true. My experience wasn’t like Andrea Sachs’ from The Devil Wears Prada – no one ever through their coat on me and I never had to casually call up Dolce & Gabbana during the day.

My experience was an eye-opener and confirmed my love of fashion. I learnt one or two things and today, I’m sharing them with you!


Words like ‘fab’ and ‘babe’ become words you use every day. “Your outfit is so fab today” “Thanks babe”. It just becomes a natural conversation that happens ever-so-often around the office. It’s girl talk and we just love it. It’s fab.

There’s no rest in fashion business. From the moment you step into that office until the end of the day, the fashion industry always keeps you busy. Phones are always ringing, couriers are always visiting and all the latest trends need to be attended to. It’s tiring, but it’s awesome.

Interning comes with incredible perks. Whether it’s a pretty bunch of flowers, the occasional goodie bag or the access to Press Events even before the media start to arrive – you feel like a special little VIP fashionista.

Working with an incredible team makes coming to work something to look forward to. A rad job is when you’re genuinely excited for the day ahead, even on a Monday! It helps when your team is full of inspiring girls and guys who are amazing at what they do.



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