FASHION TALK FRIDAY: White Henna Tattoos

So there’s tattoos, there’s Henna tattoos and there’s flash tattoos. Mix them altogether and you get White Henna Tattoos.

You’ll see this trend popping up everywhere and we know exactly why. It’s because these Henna Tattoos are the bomb. We can safely say that they’re something different and they’re suitable for any occasion. They can be elegant or make you look bad ass. They’re perfect for a festival or even for a family brunch.

Do you love White Henna Tattoos as much as we do?


Our White Henna Tattoos are shaped in way way that you can wrap around your wrist, arm, ankle or leg, but don’t feel restricted to its shape! Let your creativity flow! Cut it up and make your own shapes, or rotate the whole tattoo for a long vertical tattoo. Have fun with the process and have even more fun showing off that sh**!


These White Henna Tattoos are definitely a statement accessory. Every person is different and have different preferences. Some people may want a simple and dainty design, and some people will go all out with these Henna Tattoos. Whatever your style, you’ll look hella cute sporting your Gold Soul Tattoos.


Just incase you can’t get enough of the White Henna Tattoos and you need to grow your temporary tattoo collection, Gold Soul have a bunch of Flash Tattoos and Body Gems that you can treat yourself to.

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