MUSIC VIBES: Childish Gambino

If you haven’t heard about this rap genius then where have you been?

Donald Glover, whose stage name is Childish Gambino, was destined to be part of the entertainment industry. Not only is he a musician, but on top of that, he can add actor, voice actor, writer, director, comedian, songwriter and record producer into the mix.

You might know this guy from not one, but two popular television shows: Community, where he plays the hilarious character of Troy Barnes at a community college. Definitely get onto checking the show out because it’s a must-watch! He also wrote a lot of 30 Rock and had occasional cameos on the show. Also hella hilarious and an awesome show if you need a quick pick-me-up.

If you can’t resist a sexy beat, then Childish Gambino delivers. If you wanna dance, head bang or hear some sick collabs with other sick artists, you’ll find a track that you’ll be playing on repeat for hours.

Speaking of collabs, he’s paired up with some talented musicians like Jhene Aiko, Chance The Rapper, Jaden Smith and Azealia Banks to name a few!


Currently on tour, Childish Gambino brings fans an aesthetic set-up on stage, an intense entrance and a big show. He owns the stage and fully engages with the crowd with his eyes wide open and his energetic vibes!

Where can you find Childish Gambino?
Listen to him on Spotify or Soundcloud 🎧
You can also Like Childish Gambino on Facebook!

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