Suprisingly wise Drake lyrics to live by

Real talk guys. Drake raps some low key inspirational and wise lyrics and we don’t even notice it.

He doesn’t just sing about hotlines blinging – you can find some real gems from deep tracks over the years. We decode Drake lyrics for you to be surprisingly inspired.

“If I don’t change now, I don’t think I’ll ever settle down”
– Special ft. Voyce

He’s got the right idea about finding the best you before you decide that it’s time to settle down. Be in the right frame of mind, surround yourself with the right people and be confident that you can support yourself.

“Told myself never again, I don’t let nobody in”
– Digital Dash ft. Future

Trust is something that has to be earned. It’s an important quality to seek in people because you shouldn’t let anyone fux with you.

“You should just be yourself. Right now, you’re someone else”
– Hotline Bling

It’s all about staying true to yourself. Never change yourself for the wrong reasons, especially for any f*ck boy! Stay golden always.

“Put that fucking dress on and work it kind of vicious”
– Shut It Down ft. The-Dream

We’re all about flaunting what you’ve got in whatever you’re wearing. Crop top? Distressed denim jeans? Your highest heels? Work it babe!

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Written by Gold Soul blogger Alissa Recil.
She is a design student and a freelance writer from Australia.
Follow her at Words By Femme.

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