IMG_8636Lipsticks = love. Okay maybe not but it’s pretty close! It’s an easy way to make a bold statement. Once you start hoarding all these different lipsticks you gotta find a place to put em. And what’s the best way? In a makeup bag? In a makeup drawer? Well, I’ve made a super easy lipstick holder that holds them upright for quick access to your lip ammo. I used a cat repellent from Daiso (I’m assuming to keep the strays away?) And two stackable trays from Daiso as well. The cat repellent part is a bit sad but good thing we won’t be using it for that ūüôā Forgive the quality of my photos as my SLR’s battery is dead.



– Cat repellant from Daiso

(Daiso is a Japanese dollar store)

– A small square or rectangular tray

– Scissors

– Pen

Р Paper


1. Measure how big your tray is making an outline with pen & paper

2. On the cat repellant, place the sized paper and cut to fit the insides of the tray


3.¬†Place the sized cat repellant into tray. If it’s a bit to small, you can stuff the sides with folded cardboard


4. Place in your lipsicks and voila! Super easy lipstick holder!



I’m probably going to end up spray painting the black parts gold to make it a little more pretty. But it’s a super simple DIY that can help get your makeup organized.

OR…. If you don’t have these items available to you or you’re just too lazy, Gold Soul will soon be selling lipstick holders!


If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!

Peace, love, and blessings to you all!


Cherie A.

Valentine’s Wishlist

Valentine's Wishlist
Valentine’s Day… a day for L O V E. Or if you’re anti-Valentine’s day, it could be just another day to love yourself even more. Wishlists aren’t just for birthdays and Christmas anymore. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to send in that wishlist to a significant other or even as a reminder to treat yoself. In a relationship, single, or just dgaf… it don’t matter. Whatever the case, I will never be for anti-love. All you need is¬†LOVE!

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Earlier this month I had the opportunity to go to the International Make-Up Artist Trade Show with the ladies of Half Baked. IMATS is an event where make-up artists and lovers come together and get to explore the wonderful world of creativity through make-up.

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Five days into the new year and I know everybody be on that “new year, new me” sh/t but lowkey don’t wanna say it cause you don’t wanna sound basic… am I right? LOL anyway! I am inviting all of you to join me on my resolution to read more books this year AND finish them. We all get caught up into the hustle of life and forget what it means to really relax. So to start the year off…¬†Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff… and it’s all small Stuff¬†by Richard Carlson, Ph.D.¬†I have most of his books in his¬†Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff¬†series but for some reason, and with any book I’ve tried to read last year, I never finished ’em. So now you can see why I added finish them¬†as a resolution.

I think reading it while we’re in the first month of the year may actually inspire someone to¬†learn ways to de-stress their life and carry it on as a habit. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff is broken down into little numbered sections with explanations. What I have read so far is pretty damn good.

So if you wanna be on this “new year, new/better me” sh/t please join me in reading it this month and let us know your thoughts on it. If you have your own way of de-stressing let us know what helps you.

In peace& love,


D.I.Y. iPhone Case


Cell phones these days have pretty much changed the world. We get to see the world from all different types of views. We play games, take loads of pictures of our food, selves, etc. To some people, it’s their lifeline. So… it’s only right we protect ’em. I recently just got the iPhone 6 and there aren’t that many cases out for it yet so I decided, “Why not just customize it myself?”

I picked up a¬†clear iPhone 6 case¬†from Target, printed out a pattern, cut it to size, placed it in the back and there ya go! Your own DIY iPhone case. The best part about is, when you get sick of it… replace it with a new pattern! I’m sure you’d be able to do this with the 4, 5, 6 and some Androids just as long as you have a clear case.


What You’ll Need:
– clear phone case
– printed pattern, scrapbook paper (pretty much whatever design you’d like to have on your phone)
– pen
– scissors
– actual size template of phone

1. I used CNN’s iPhone sizing chart here¬†and cut it down to size.

2. On the back of my printed design (I chose a grey marble pattern from Google) trace around the template and then cut it back down to size.

3. Insert into case with the pattern facing outwards


4. Trace the inside of where your camera is supposed to be, remove the pattern again and cut a hole/space for it.

5. Place it back into the case facing outward, insert your phone

Ya phone is ready to go out!


I am loving my marble case right now. It looks pretty classic to me. I do suggest getting a case with a shockproof bumper and clear back if possible. I just ordered one off eBay and will most likely be inserting my marble pattern into that one when it comes. Feel free to add/subtract whatever your heart desires. The fact that you can choose whatever design/print/pattern is one of the best parts. Hope you guys enjoy!



Foodie Diary

Cos we know you love it.






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umami surprise me


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Food is nourishment for our bodies so why not eat what’s good?
Here’s a collection of photos of places I’ve tried in the past couple of months that deserve to be checked out.

1. Bachi Burger – Kiki’s Burger w/ fried egg
Las Vegas, NV

2. Bachi Burger – Oxtail Fries
Las Vegas, NV

3. Break of Dawn – Ham & Eggs
Laguna Hills, CA

4. EMC Seafood & Raw Bar
Clam chowder, Soft shell crab sliders, fries w/ truffle mushroom aioli, garlic noodles, clam chowders, two oysters.
*good for happy hour!
Los Angeles, CA

5. Creamistry – Birthday Cake w/ extra sprinkles
Cerritos, CA

6. Rialto Cafe – Rialto Rancheros, home fries, and Eggs in the Nest
Fullerton, CA

7. Yardhouse – Surf & Turf Burger
Long Beach, CA

8. Made by Yours Truly ūüôā – Surf & Turf with sriracha butter

9. Umami – Surprise Me Special
Irvine, CA

10. El Pollo Inka – Lomo Saltado
Torrance, CA

*This is a diary of my food eaten over a period of the past couple of months so don’t get all crazy loll.
If you have any food favorites, let us know! ūüôā




Lipstick has become the newest accessory to complete almost any look. All you really need these days is to get your eyebrows on fleek, curl your lashes, throw on some lip color and look put together. Now that Daylight Savings is over, the days get darker and so do our lips. Dark lips have been the¬†“GET IN”¬†trend that has fought for its place and is here to stay and who doesn’t love that? Along with the dark lips, we love ’em¬†MATTE. Yes,¬†MATTE! I think the matte texture gives it more of a classic look. So here are¬†TEN FALL MATTE LIPPIES¬†to acheive that sultry and seductive look.

1. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Transylvania
Transylvania – Matte Deep Plum
Ulta, $5.99 USD
Perfect for a dark vampy look without going black.

2. Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in Endless Purple
Endless Purple – Matte Mauve Plum
Sephora, $13.00 USD
This is not only great for fall, but an all-year color. It gives you a pop of color without being too dark.

3. Limecrime Velvetines in Salem
Salem – Matte Chocolate Brown
Limecrime, $20.00 USD
Brown, often overlooked as a lip color, is both bold and beautiful.

4. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Vampira
Vampira – Deep Reddish Burgandy
Sephora, $19.00 USD
Kat Von D’s go-to. What’s more to say?

5. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm
Stockholm – Mid-tone Beige Pink
Ulta, $5.99 USD
Another color great for all-year. Just enough color for the “my lips, but better” look.

6. Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in Always Red
Always Red – Matte Bold Classic Red
Sephora, $13.00 USD
The classic red lip will ALWAYS be in!

7. Limecrime Velvetines in Wicked
Wicked – Matte Burgandy-Red
Limecrime, $20.00 USD
This gorgeous color is very seductive. Right amount of sexy and classy.

8. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita
Lolita – Dusty Rose
Sephora, $19.00 USD
The versatile lippie you go to for a casual look either day or night.

9. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen
Copenhagen – Matte Rich Plum
Ulta, $5.99 USD
A cross between burgandy and berry. This may be your new fave Holiday shade.

10. Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in Dark Berry
Dark Berry – Satin Blackberry Wine
Sephora, $13.00 USD
Okay, this may not be so matte BUT it’s a go in our book (lol). The satin/metallic berry look will easily transition from Fall to Winter making this a Winter Winner.


Let’s be real, matte lipsticks can be a little drying and accentuate any existing dryness. Exfoliating will¬†help keep your unwanted flakes¬†from showing up. Use an old soft toothbrush and¬†GENTLY¬†scrub away the dead skin cells or mix a lil’¬†honey and sugar ¬†for a lip scrub. Apply your favorite lip moisturizer and let it soak in. Voila, soft lip canvas!

Luckily, these lippies all have doe-foot applicators making it a little easier to apply. But a dark lip meant to be seductive can easily go wrong if it’s going all over the place. Use a coordinating lip-liner to prevent from feathering.

Whichever you choose, these lippies will sure get you noticed. If you have any of your own favorites, let us know! We’d love to discover new products!