One of the hottest beauty trends right now is the Vampy Lip and why wouldn’t it be? Smack some dark colour onto your lips and BAM, it becomes one big statement to everyone who walks past you – I’m one bad ass bitch so do not fuck with me.

Perfect for the cold weather paired with a dark and feminine outfit, or the Vampy lip would look stunning on you in the Summer contrasted with bright colored pieces on that hot bod of yours. So go right ahead and dig through your lipstick collection and grab yourself a dark color that catches your eye.


You’re also going to need your go-to lip liner to get the perfect Vampy Lip and to make that shiz stay in place all day and night! It’s up to you whether or not you want to add a bit of gloss to your pout, so grab your fave gloss and smack on some shine when we’re all done.

Line your lips with a sharpened liner. I’m using Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Lip Contouring Pencil in ‘Cherry Kiss’. It’s important that your liner is sharpened for that extra precision and the trick is to draw right on the edge of the lip line. Then fill the rest of your lips with your lip liner.


Take your choice of lipstick and glide that onto your top and bottom lip. I’m wearing Topshop’s Lipstick in ‘Depth’.


Blot your lips by pressing a piece of tissue between your top and bottom lip. This stops any lipstick getting onto your teeth.

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 11.15.41 pm

And that’s it! It only takes a few minutes to achieve Vampy Lips and stays on all day. Try it out and flaunt it – don’t let anyone fuck with you today or any other day.

Alissa x

HOT STUFF: The Midi Dress

Haven’t you heard? Midi Dresses are a the newest must-have for your wardrobe this year, so if you don’t own at least one, then you need to ask yourself why aren’t you getting onto that shit? They’re one of the most versatile pieces and can be styled in so many different ways, whether you’re a grungy gal or if you prefer them feminine vibes. So who else is wearing Midi Dresses you ask? Well only the hottest style icons and bloggers known to man, of course! But if you still need a little more style inspo to make your Midi Dress outfits stand out from the rest, then I’ve got a few tips on how to glam up and accessorize like a boss!

Crystal Dainty Ringcelet (x)
Gnarly C Sunnies (x)
Gold Snake Body Chain (x)

RITATYPOrita-ora-stylechi-casual-white-patterned-bodycon-midi-dress-trainerritaCaged Sunnies (x)
Flash Tattoos (x)

KYLIETYPOkylie-billboards-2kylieTriple Chain Arm Cuff (x)
Bars of Gold Midi Ring Set (x)
Triple Icicle Rock Dainty Necklace (x)

CARATYPOLe-Fashion-Blog-Wedding-Look-Cara-Delevingne-Camel-And-Black-Formal-Style-London-Street-2caraGold Peace Double Ring Chain (x)
Gold Ear Cuff Hair Chain (x)
Plaid Flannel Dress (x)

RIHTYPOrihanna-margiela-burnished-bootsrihBlack Trio Coal Ring Set (x)
Black Faux Septum Nose Ring (x)
Smiley Sunnies (x)
Spike Collar Necklace (x)

LUCYTYPOlucyGypsy Head Chain (x)
Snake Gold Ringcelet (x)

LIATYPOScreen Shot 2015-01-12 at 11.46.28 amliaValentine Sunnies (x)
Silver Double Body Chain (x)
Crystal Squig Ear Cuff (x)

Keep your eyes peeled and your bank accounts ready, because you’re about to go absolutely cray with Gold Soul’s new arrivals. If you want to compliment your soul with cute shit, click onto Gold Soul and take a look – you won’t regret it x

Alissa x

Your very own Bad Bitch Playlist

I think it’s safe to say that everyone wants to have their own background music to make them feel like an absolute badass, am I right? Whether you need to pump some tunes in the car or zone out with your earphones in – I’ve got the tracks to get you in the right bad bitch vibe.

Add your own tracks to turn this into your own personal playlist and listen to it on the daily. This playlist will become a partying staple with all these bangers, so share this with all of your raddest and baddest bitches. What are some of your bad bitchin’ anthems? Leave a comment!

Werkin’ Girls – ANGEL HAZE
Begging For Thread – BANKS
Starf***er – K.FLAY
Rat Trap 666 – DIE ANTWOORD
Heavy Metal and Reflective – AZEALIA BANKS
7/11 – BEYONCE
Roman Reloaded – NICKI MINAJ
II. zealots of stockholm [free information] – CHILDISH GAMBINO
Stress – JUSTICE
Bad Girls – M.I.A
No Church In The Wild – KANYE WEST & JAY-Z
Brain – BANKS
Born Free – M.I.A
Yung Rapunxel – AZEALIA BANKS
Babylon – SZA
Double Bubble Trouble – M.I.A

Alissa xx


Dreaming of a new tattoo design? Looking for something trendy, creative and temporary? What about Henna? Using Henna allows you to mark your body however you please and you can use that creative flair that we all have! It’s super inexpensive, so go right ahead and get yourself some and get designing.

When you’ve got your Henna paste in your hot little hands, start off with some practice runs on a piece of paper. The purpose of this is to get yourself used to holding the applicator (cones are usually best) and basically getting into the flow of drawing with paste. When you’re ready to draw on your skin, draw on your design with an eye/lip liner first if you want to be extra cautious. You can then trace the liner with your Henna paste for a perfect outcome!






You don’t have to be the next Picasso to be able to create rad Henna designs. All you need is a little inspiration and those creative juices and you’re good to go! Make a day out of it – invite some of your best girls and guys over, come up with some amazing Henna ideas and offer free Henna’s for all! Enjoy x

Alissa xx

CLAWS OUT: DIY Marble Nails

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 10.57.29 amWho wants the most on point and on trend nails to start the year? You, obviously. It’s time to get those nails all glammed up with some lovin’ because you deserve it. There’s absolutely no doubt that people will be jealous of your new claws so get ready for some serious nail aesthetic. You’ll most likely already have everything that’s needed for this DIY, so if you’re ready for an oh-so easy (but very, very messy) manicure, get excited and get started!


What you need– A shallow cup of water
– 2 nail varnish colors (your choice)
– Clear Top Coat
– Nail Polish remover
– A few Cotton Pads
– Toothpicks

Untitled-1STEP 1 Start off with fresh nails. Cut and clean how you like it.

Untitled-4STEP 2 Pour your two nail varnish colors into the water.

Untitled-5STEP 3 Using a toothpick, mix up the nail colors together in a swirling motion.

Untitled-6STEP 4 Dip your fingernail into the water face down, making sure your whole nail touches the nail varnish. Do the same for every nail.

Untitled-7What did I say? Very, very messy.

STEP 5 Let your nails dry for at least 2-3 hours.

Untitled-8STEP 6 Remove the excess nail varnish that ended up on your skin with the Nail Polish remover and Cotton Pads.

Untitled-9STEP 7 Put on 2 coats of your Clear Top Coat.

VoilĂ !
Bitchin’ new nails for a bad gal like you. With a nail look as good as this, those claws need even more lovin’. Treat yourself to some new cute as f**k bling from Gold Soul to seriously turn heads and drop jaws.


– Alissa xx

5 Ways to Stay Happy In The New Year


New Year resolutions are about to become a worldwide trending topic so prepare yourself – everyone’s favorite saying is about to become ‘New year, new me’ and prepare yourself for everyone who’ll give up on their new year resolutions after just 3 weeks. Make 2015 one of your best and happiest years yet by incorporating these steps into your everyday life and fill your soul with all things positive.


Smile more
It’s a small gesture that will guarantee you a happiness boost every day of the year. It doesn’t cost a thing and it can straight away put you in a good mood – go on and try it right now. See? Smile when you talk on the phone, smile when you watch the sun setting, smile when you walk down the street and you’re most likely to brighten up the day of someone else. Win, win.

Take care of yourself
You’ve heard it from literally everyone – that person on TV, that columnist in that magazine, your Mother, your pets probably. Taking care of yourself a must to be as healthy as ever, to look hot as hell and to be the strongest bad ass known to man.

Good vibes only
Surround yourself with your best bae’s, listen to ace music and don’t let anyone f**k with you. Be sure to have those good laughs and have those positive thoughts and your soul will be overflowing with good vibes only!

Embrace the minimalistic trend and de-clutter your space, whether that be your wardrobe, your work space, your entire room or your entire house. Like a weight lifted off your shoulders, you’re mind will be free of distractions, letting you get more shit done!

Get out there
Live like you depend on that overused saying: You only live once. Take a step out of your comfort zone and discover new things in the world. Say ‘yes’ to more opportunities and meet as many people as you can because there’s so much on Earth that you’re yet to see.

Alissa xx