NAIL DETAIL: Wreath nail art

Time to ease into that good good festive spirit!

What better way to start feeling them Christmassy vibes than a festive mani? New nails give us life and we want you to feel the same way.

Here’s how to achieve festive and fashionable nails for the weeks of December.

What You’ll Need:
– Emerald Green Nail Varnish
– A light colored Nail Varnish (your choice)
– Small Nail Art brush
– Clear Top Coat

On fresh nails, apply 2 coats of your lighter Nail Varnish.

Choose a nail that you would like to draw the nail detail on and have some Emerald Green Nail color on your Nail Art Brush.

Using your Nail Art brush, paint on small dots in the outline of a circle.

On every dot, draw on small diagonal flicks. Then keep building up on flicks and stop whenever you’re happy with how it looks.

Paint on your top coat and ta-da! Done!

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Written by Gold Soul blogger Alissa Recil. She is a design student and a freelance writer from Australia. Follow her at Words By Femme.

4 Ways To Achieve Voluminous Hair

Let’s forget about teasing the crap out of your hair for a sec because there are other alternatives to getting big, sexy, voluminous hair without getting it tangled and damaged.

You don’t even need to hire the most expensive Hollywood hair stylist to achieve it – just spend a few dollars and get that voluminous hair, girl!

Dry Shampoo
Your savior for when you’re having a few lazy days off and you have last minute plans to go out. If your hair is greasy and in need of some seriously quick and easy glam, spay some good Dry Shampoo through your hair, give it a tousle and you’re good to go, girlie!

Drying your hair upside down
It’s a classic trick that some may know of, and it works wonders! Once your hair is towel dried, bend forward and let your hair hang over your head. Grab your hairdryer and aim it down so you’re drying from the roots to the ends.

Focus on the roots
Find your favorite volumizing hair product. If you don’t have one yet: go out, pick up a few different ones, try them and see which product works best for you. Once you’ve found the perfect product, try focusing the application of the product to the roots of your hair. This will allow your hair to react better to the product and do what it’s supposed to do!

Curls for life
If products ain’t your thing, you can always go for your trusty curling iron/wand (or straightener, even!) By creating soft, wavy curls throughout your hair, it gives the illusion of bigger and sexier hair! You’re just about ready to break hearts now.

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CLAWS OUT: Shapes and Sprinkles Nail Art

A fresh new mani is always the answer so get ready to try this one out for yourself and for your soul.

Bring a pop of fun and color into this fall season with shapes and sprinkles on your claws. This design is sure to be a conversation starter and they’ll be the talk of the town. So grab your cutest nail colors and get your manicure on!

What you’ll need
– White Nail Varnish
– Blue and Pink Nail Varnish
– Black or Grey Nail Varnish
– Clear Top Coat
– Small Nail Art Brush

IMG_7019Begin with clean nails, then paint on 2 coats of White Nail Varnish. Let that dry.

IMG_7021Take your Blue color and paint on some triangle shapes wherever you’d like. They can be tiny, large, they can even bleed off your nail. Get creative, sista!

IMG_7022Then take the Pink color and paint on some circles. Get creative with this as well!

IMG_7026Once all of the color is dry, you can grab your Nail Art Brush and your grey or black color (your choice). As carefully as you can, outline the shapes. Then you can go ahead and fill in the white spaces with tiny dashes A.K.A sprinkles!

IMG_7027 IMG_7030Let everything dry, then you can finish off with a layer of your favorite clear Top Coat.IMG_7031

This design is inspired by a recent collection by Gorman Clothing, but your new nails would look bangin’ with a brand new outfit from Gold Soul. Check us out.

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Hey lovers! How are you warming up to the wonderful season of Fall?

Knowing us fashionista’s, you’ve probably already splurged on a whole brand new wardrobe for when the weather turns a little chillier. You can never have too many cute coats and badass denim bottoms, right? Right! We say treat yo’self to new shit!

So what about that lipstick collection of yours? Do you have the ultimate Fall lipstick collection to match your Fall mood?

IMG_6956Gold Soul Hooligan Sunnies $12.80 / MAC Lipstick in Yung Rapunxel / Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

IMG_6960Cross My Heart Sunnies / Gold Soul Gold Tribal Faux Septum $14.80 / Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in #048

IMG_6965Smashbox Photo Finish Lipstick in Magnetic / Gold Soul Indigo Double Stone Choker $14.80 / Gold Soul Moon Stone Ring $8.80 / Gold Soul Midi Rings

IMG_6962Bloom Lipstick in Cutie Pie / Gold Soul Gold Tribal Faux Septum $14.80 / Gold Soul Valentine Twist Sunnies $13.80

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4 Basic Beauty Lessons To Learn

These days, we get a lot of really useful beauty tips from really talented people. In an instant, we can learn how to line our lips properly, how to get our eyebrows on fleek, how to contour and highlight like a pro, and even a little special effects makeup. Bottom line is – we can learn some pretty cool beauty lessons these days.

But what about those really simple makeup lessons that we could all benefit from? We’ve got you. Here are some makeup lessons that we want to pass on from a sister to another! Enjoy and happy makeup-ing!


Wear a Nude Lip that suits you, not what what suits other people.
We know just how much you want to go out and splurge on all the high end nude lip colors that your favorite celebrities wear, but this is something to avoid! Lipsticks are something you need to shop around for! Make sure you do a lot of swatches because everyone’s complexion is different, and different lip colors match different people. Before you go out and buy that YSL Nude color, head in-store and swatch it on your skin before you spend all that money. You might hate the product on your skin, but you might just fall in love – you never know.

Blend, then blend some more.
It’s in the girl bible to always blend when it comes to applying makeup. It’s still a little cringe-worthy when makeup is visibly un-blended and you just wanna help a girl out! When applying makeup onto that beautiful face of yours, whether it’s eyeshadow or foundation, blend in circular motions. You can also try out blending sponges if you’re feeling a little more creative.

A little lippy goes a long way.
Whether it’s your fiercest dark lip, your brightest pink or a some gloss, a little lip love makes you look a little more ‘put together’, especially on your off-duty days when makeup is just not necessary.

Don’t do your makeup in bad light.
If there was one beauty lesson that everybody should learn from the very first day makeup touches their face, it’s that they should never, ever do a full face of makeup in bad light. Bad light is basically anything too dark or even too bright. To achieve good light, sit by the window and try to let the natural light hit your face while you do your makeup. This helps you to get a flawlessly made up face every time.

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Time to make the most out of the sunshine and summertime that we have left in 2015!

What better way to transition them sun-kissed days to cold and cosy days in than changing up your wardrobe and beauty products? And girls, while you’re at it, treat yourself to one last Summer manicure. Get a color on them claws that remind you of the Summer that you’ve just had! Bring some color into this autumnal season!

Or, if you’d rather do it yourself, we’ve got a bubbly nail art design that is simple and will make your nails pop in the Fall.


– White Nail Varnish
– 2 different colored Nail Varnishes of your choice
– Top Coat


On clean nails, paint on 2 coats of White Nail Varnish.


Take your first chosen color and begin to paint small dots with the tip of the brush. Make sure the dots are more dense towards the tip of your nails. Once that has dried, do the same with your second nail varnish color. Overlapping the dots is encouraged!


Dry it out and finally add your top coat. Voila, you’ve got confetti nails.


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4 Beauty Brands That You Need To Know About

We know that you’re in love with fashion. We also know that you love beauty just as much, which is why we think that it’s important that you discover these 4 brands. So put on your girly cap and get ready to spend a bit too much on beauty and skincare products that are just too fab to not own.

1. Essence
Awesome quality, huge range, super affordable and frequent releases of new collections. What’s not to love? Essence was created in Germany and is now available in over 50 countries. Visit the Essence website here.

2. Nip + Fab
With the one and only Kylie Jenner being the face of Nip + Fab, you automatically feel obliged to try this skincare brand. A bit on the pricey side, the products are very unique and smell amazing! Visit the Nip + Fab website here.

3. Anatomicals
One of the most quirky and witty skincare brands that you’ll ever know. You just can’t resist hand wash with a name like ‘Silly Twits Ignore Their Mitts’ and a body cleanser called ‘Shower To The People’. Visit the Anatomicals website here.

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 10.06.29 pm

4. I Scream Nails
I don’t know if anyone’s told you lately, but nail art is so hot right now and that’s why you need I Scream Nails. This is an Australian based brand and unfortunately, they don’t ship Internationally YET. In the meantime, you can spend hours on their Instagram (trust me, you’ll be on there for hours). Visit the I Scream Nails website here.

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 10.44.54 am

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