Boob Collection

Gold Soul is a proud sponsor of Zara’s Breast Cancer Foundation! Every beginning of October, Gold Soul comes out with “Boob Collection” with Pink Against Cancer items in which 100% of all items purchased from the Boob Collection go straight to the American Cancer Society in honor of Zara. You can purchase and item or donate separately! Making strides against breast cancer! Make a difference today!  

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This October I thought we could change up the norms of all retail delight and pull out a twist this festive Halloween day. I’m proud to announce the magic behind this creativity envisioned with the works of:

Photographer: Erick Tran

Makeup Artist: Jennifer Lohn

Model: Cilka Israel

Stylist: Yours truly — Ducky


Creepy Halloween Make up: Walmart


Off the Shoulder Crop Top $14.80

Live & Love Hat $19.80


Ruby Red Flannel $23.80

Bikini Bottoms $12.80


Criss Cross Caged Bandeau $13.80

Skeleton Hand Hair Clip $4.80


Speck High Waist Bottoms $16.80

Duster Coat $35.80

Public Desire Booties

Definitely brings out the Halloween vibes right? But on a whole other level.

Cheers to some gnarly ideas up the ASS! Details for the items are listed below the flicks. Happy Halloween bitches ❤

Booty Booty Booty Booty Stompin’ Everywhere

Fall just transitioned in a blink of an eye. I’ve been on a ultimate craving desire for some gnarly booties I can potentially incorporate into my wardrobe. As I’ve been scoping out some latest shit and lost in the wind of my pondering thoughts, I got a hit up by one of my fave shoe stores I’ve been following, Public Desire (IG: @PublicDesire). Fuck yeah! I don’t know how that thought slipped my mind, but yaaaas! I am happily grateful for my gifted booties, Lauree Black Ankle BootsNow I’ll be stomping on bitches (so kidding) with my booties all autumn long!

IMG_8405 IMG_8721 IMG_9113 Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 10.01.02 PM

Sun Appeal

It’s fall! But nothing’s stopping us from rocking our favorites sunnies like it ain’t nothing to a bitch. The sun’s hiding, the clouds cropping, but the skies are still bright as shit. We got you covered from eyes to ankles. I know how much you guys are intensely in love with our infamous Caged Sunnies. Restocked in ALL colors just how you guys like it! 😉

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