#WCW Jacks Sanchez

So it’s hump day yet again…which means it’s about damn time for another #WCW a.k.a. Woman Crush Wednesdaze! (For those of you who didn’t know) This week, the amazingly talented Jacks, @jackssanchez_, the professional makeup artist from exotic Sydney,Australia is being put in the spotlight. This aussie and her makeup skills are seriously on another level. Did I mention she’s a mother of three and has been successfully married for 6 years? (Congrats girl!) This beautiful mom knows how to stay in the know, keeps looking on fleek and stays on point with her makeup. Her makeup posts range from crazy theatrical makeup looks to glam to everyday makeup that every girl probably wishes she could do so effortlessly. Not only is she a proud customer of Gold Soul La but some of her recent posts have been showcasing her bad ass Gold Soul items! This lovely lady also publishes tutorials and has tons of makeup advice on her YouTube channel. If you haven’t subscribed to this bad chick’s channel..well, what are you waiting for? Below are just a few of her many makeup masterpieces.

jacks 2

Stone Cold Princess Head Chain by Gold-Soul.LA $16.80

jacks 3

Antique Tribal Faux Septum Ring $24.80 (Sold Out)

jacks 8

Gold Faux Bead Septum Nose Ring $11.80 (Sold out)

*Different/various style septum rings are available

jacks 5

Bars of Gold Midi Ring Set $10.80

jacks 6

Gold Shield Ring $2.80 (Sold Out)

More Gold-Soul ring options

Flash Tattoos

jacks 9

This photo is from Misfits of Beauty a new account on Insta dedicated to lovers of makeup and it’s artistry. Check this out bitches! They are doing an amazing Makeup Challenge for January. Even though it’s started already it’s never too late…try it out.

XOXOXO Porschia 😉


T.G.I.F. 7 Fun and Exciting Ways to Enjoy the Weekend

tgif 1

Thank the lord it’s Friday..finally! I don’t know about you guys but I like the weekend. You can sleep in duh! Plus it’s the time you can go hang with your girls and relax after a long week’s worth of bills, worrying about the next move, work or guy drama. So to start this weekend off right let’s be positive and enjoy ourselves while we’re young. You only live once right? But that doesn’t mean to not take care of ourselves and our bodies.

If you haven’t read the last blog post, then go HERE and check it out for dope beats to soundtrack your life this weekend. (I know. A bit cheesy) Keep it PG for all minors ok! But the music will have you feeling some type of way until that dreadful Monday morning wake up call. In the mean time, IT”S FRIDAY!! (Drink at a healthy pace. No drinking and driving ladies and gents.)


1. Go Dancing

And no, I don’t mean go clubbing..which you can totally do, try something different and sign up for a fun hip hop dance class. This is a great way to get in shape and goof around at the same time. Dancing is a lot more cardio than you think. It’ll have you sweating in no time. You hardly even realize you’re working out. Trust me, I just took a hip hop class over this last weekend and fell in love. I found the exercise that will work for me! Classes tend to be pretty cheap as well. You can go alone or convince friends to tag along with you. Guilt them if you have to.(video from Janelle Ginestra’s channel)

2. Schedule an impromptu photo shoot with friends

from Indulgy.com


Do you, a friend or someone you know have a camera? Then get a group together and organize a last-minute photo shoot. It’ll be fun and no one has to ever see these pictures if you don’t want. They will be fun to look at while at work for a quick laugh or to hold blackmail against a friend. Drinks can always be added.  Insert evil laugh here 

3. Go to a Drive-in Movie Theatre

from www.daytrippingmom.com
from http://www.daytrippingmom.com

I used to go see movies at drive-ins all of the time when I was younger. They are fun and you can make a cool trip out of them. You can take blankets, chairs and sneak snacks into the outside theaters (the concessions there are hella expensive lol) You also get to watch two movies for the price of one! Can’t beat that. This could be a chance to snuggle up close to a guy or girl you’ve been crushing on if you invite friends and make a group and make something special out of it. And if you don’t live close to one try making your own drive in. If you’re really lazy then just stay in and have a Netflix night, no harm in that either.

4. Throw a Pinterest Party!

from www.stampington.com
from http://www.stampington.com

If you’re like me then you have at least a dozen boards on Pinterest full of things you keep saying that you’ll try. Wether it’s the fitness board that you’ve added hundreds of pins to but haven’t started really looking at or that DIY crafts board that you were so excited about months ago, try them now. Right Now! This weekend with friends. Blast music while doing them and watch how much fun you’ll be having…you won’t even remember why you hadn’t tried this before. Add drinks if you want *wink wink

5. Iron Chef “Healthy version” contest…or not

from www.freebachelorettegames.com
from http://www.freebachelorettegames.com

Invite friends (guys, girls or both) for some fun and food! You can even make it into a battle of the sexes. Cook out of the items in your kitchen (make sure to stock up on food) or better yet have the friends bring some treats with them and get creative with the dishes. Try sticking to the healthier side if you can. Or at least drink water…or something else..

6. Go To an Open Mic Night/Karaoke Bar  

from blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com
from blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com

Theres bound to be some sort of talent in your town. Or at the very least it’ll be a fun night filled with laughs. You can laugh and crack jokes at the people brave or drunk enough to get up and sing. Did I mention there’s usually no cover and drinks? It may turn out to be an unforgettable night.

7. Try a dating app/site

from features.en.softonic.com
from features.en.softonic.com

Ok, you guys and girls know you’ve wanted to try it but you haven’t because you think it’s too weird and only for “old people who can’t find someone”. You would be so wrong. You never really know until you try. There’s no harm in trying. There are some pretty cool ones out there such as:




Coffee meets Bagel




Meet Me:)




POF (plenty of fish)

Dating DNA free


…These are some of the cooler dating outlets to try opposed to regular meeting,dating,etc. Don’t knock it until you it. I’m currently trying out Tinder and I’ve tried OkCupid as well as C.M.B. before. Take a chance and none of your friends have to find out if you don’t want them to and feel that embarrassed about it. You aren’t the only ones having a hard time finding that special someone. Trust.

Have a great weekend and comment below telling about your weekends. #goldsoulla


-Porschia 😉


Your very own Bad Bitch Playlist

I think it’s safe to say that everyone wants to have their own background music to make them feel like an absolute badass, am I right? Whether you need to pump some tunes in the car or zone out with your earphones in – I’ve got the tracks to get you in the right bad bitch vibe.

Add your own tracks to turn this into your own personal playlist and listen to it on the daily. This playlist will become a partying staple with all these bangers, so share this with all of your raddest and baddest bitches. What are some of your bad bitchin’ anthems? Leave a comment!

Werkin’ Girls – ANGEL HAZE
Begging For Thread – BANKS
Starf***er – K.FLAY
Rat Trap 666 – DIE ANTWOORD
Heavy Metal and Reflective – AZEALIA BANKS
7/11 – BEYONCE
Roman Reloaded – NICKI MINAJ
II. zealots of stockholm [free information] – CHILDISH GAMBINO
Stress – JUSTICE
Bad Girls – M.I.A
No Church In The Wild – KANYE WEST & JAY-Z
Brain – BANKS
Born Free – M.I.A
Yung Rapunxel – AZEALIA BANKS
Babylon – SZA
Double Bubble Trouble – M.I.A

Alissa xx

#Haircrushwednesday: Natural Hair Movement EDITION!

bwatuwant 1

 bwatuwant 2

Ok , it is Wednesday so I couldn’t pass up the chance to do a Women Crush Wednesday post… with a little bit of a twist! Today I’m putting a spotlight on this gorgeous lady @bwatuwant, but I also wanted to talk about the increasing natural hair movement taking over.

Now…let’s just take a brief moment to fully appreciate this girl’s hair, on fleek right? Here are a few more just because I’m obsessed with her and her hair at the moment!

bwatuwant 4
Model. Photo from @bwatuwant
loraine 1

Sorry about that…back to the blogging. Can’t you tell how much I’m loving natural hair?!

Ok, so if you haven’t been living under a rock or better yet lazing about behind a computer screen binge watching Netflix, then you might have begun to notice girls/women in general appreciating their hair in its natural state. (The Natural Hair Movement/Community) More and more girls are going for the natural unprocessed look instead of relaxing their hair every month.

I can’t say that I haven’t been guilty of this. I mean, if you’re a black girl or bi-racial girl like me then you’ve felt the pressures of having hair that is different from most other ethnicities. Damn near all except ones of African-American decent and some islanders,Brazilians,etc. I’ve had to reevaluate myself and my hair on many occasions and I’m still learning about it and pushing myself on how to accept it. It’s tough.

It’s even worse when you have multi races courses through your veins. Growing up I was always thinking, “since I’m light-skinned why isn’t me hair more like white girls?” I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one and it’s been a long 22 years and I’m still trying to figure out what my hair’s natural texture is. But I’ve been going about it the wrong way and a lot of other girls have too. Through the years I’ve highlighted it, bleached it, cut it numerous times, and relaxed it dozens of times…none of this helps and doesn’t really solve the problem that we girls try to avoid. And that’s dealing with our raw,natural hair and accepting that it is beautiful. Straight hair is not the only way to go. Models like Stacey Hash and Miss Brit (@bwatuwant) along with many others (@kaylabella_, @cocaine_lorraine) are showing us how beautiful natural hair can be and the proper ways to take care of it.

staceyhashh 1
Model Stacey Hash

A big misconception is that this is a problem for only black girls but women of all skin colors and hair types need to be able to love and accept their natural hair. If you are thinking of transitioning or have been for a while but haven’t had the guts to do it because you don’t want to make that “big chop” there are other ways. *I’m in the middle of transitioning and I’m doing it w/o the chop.

Below is a list of YouTubers that have great videos on transitioning hair,etc. 


2.Summer Kellsey


4. My Natural Sistas


Five days into the new year and I know everybody be on that “new year, new me” sh/t but lowkey don’t wanna say it cause you don’t wanna sound basic… am I right? LOL anyway! I am inviting all of you to join me on my resolution to read more books this year AND finish them. We all get caught up into the hustle of life and forget what it means to really relax. So to start the year off… Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff… and it’s all small Stuff by Richard Carlson, Ph.D. I have most of his books in his Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff series but for some reason, and with any book I’ve tried to read last year, I never finished ’em. So now you can see why I added finish them as a resolution.

I think reading it while we’re in the first month of the year may actually inspire someone to learn ways to de-stress their life and carry it on as a habit. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff is broken down into little numbered sections with explanations. What I have read so far is pretty damn good.

So if you wanna be on this “new year, new/better me” sh/t please join me in reading it this month and let us know your thoughts on it. If you have your own way of de-stressing let us know what helps you.

In peace& love,


5 Ways to Stay Happy In The New Year


New Year resolutions are about to become a worldwide trending topic so prepare yourself – everyone’s favorite saying is about to become ‘New year, new me’ and prepare yourself for everyone who’ll give up on their new year resolutions after just 3 weeks. Make 2015 one of your best and happiest years yet by incorporating these steps into your everyday life and fill your soul with all things positive.


Smile more
It’s a small gesture that will guarantee you a happiness boost every day of the year. It doesn’t cost a thing and it can straight away put you in a good mood – go on and try it right now. See? Smile when you talk on the phone, smile when you watch the sun setting, smile when you walk down the street and you’re most likely to brighten up the day of someone else. Win, win.

Take care of yourself
You’ve heard it from literally everyone – that person on TV, that columnist in that magazine, your Mother, your pets probably. Taking care of yourself a must to be as healthy as ever, to look hot as hell and to be the strongest bad ass known to man.

Good vibes only
Surround yourself with your best bae’s, listen to ace music and don’t let anyone f**k with you. Be sure to have those good laughs and have those positive thoughts and your soul will be overflowing with good vibes only!

Embrace the minimalistic trend and de-clutter your space, whether that be your wardrobe, your work space, your entire room or your entire house. Like a weight lifted off your shoulders, you’re mind will be free of distractions, letting you get more shit done!

Get out there
Live like you depend on that overused saying: You only live once. Take a step out of your comfort zone and discover new things in the world. Say ‘yes’ to more opportunities and meet as many people as you can because there’s so much on Earth that you’re yet to see.

Alissa xx

D.I.Y. iPhone Case


Cell phones these days have pretty much changed the world. We get to see the world from all different types of views. We play games, take loads of pictures of our food, selves, etc. To some people, it’s their lifeline. So… it’s only right we protect ’em. I recently just got the iPhone 6 and there aren’t that many cases out for it yet so I decided, “Why not just customize it myself?”

I picked up a clear iPhone 6 case from Target, printed out a pattern, cut it to size, placed it in the back and there ya go! Your own DIY iPhone case. The best part about is, when you get sick of it… replace it with a new pattern! I’m sure you’d be able to do this with the 4, 5, 6 and some Androids just as long as you have a clear case.


What You’ll Need:
– clear phone case
– printed pattern, scrapbook paper (pretty much whatever design you’d like to have on your phone)
– pen
– scissors
– actual size template of phone

1. I used CNN’s iPhone sizing chart here and cut it down to size.

2. On the back of my printed design (I chose a grey marble pattern from Google) trace around the template and then cut it back down to size.

3. Insert into case with the pattern facing outwards


4. Trace the inside of where your camera is supposed to be, remove the pattern again and cut a hole/space for it.

5. Place it back into the case facing outward, insert your phone

Ya phone is ready to go out!


I am loving my marble case right now. It looks pretty classic to me. I do suggest getting a case with a shockproof bumper and clear back if possible. I just ordered one off eBay and will most likely be inserting my marble pattern into that one when it comes. Feel free to add/subtract whatever your heart desires. The fact that you can choose whatever design/print/pattern is one of the best parts. Hope you guys enjoy!