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umami surprise me


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Food is nourishment for our bodies so why not eat what’s good?
Here’s a collection of photos of places I’ve tried in the past couple of months that deserve to be checked out.

1. Bachi Burger – Kiki’s Burger w/ fried egg
Las Vegas, NV

2. Bachi Burger – Oxtail Fries
Las Vegas, NV

3. Break of Dawn – Ham & Eggs
Laguna Hills, CA

4. EMC Seafood & Raw Bar
Clam chowder, Soft shell crab sliders, fries w/ truffle mushroom aioli, garlic noodles, clam chowders, two oysters.
*good for happy hour!
Los Angeles, CA

5. Creamistry – Birthday Cake w/ extra sprinkles
Cerritos, CA

6. Rialto Cafe – Rialto Rancheros, home fries, and Eggs in the Nest
Fullerton, CA

7. Yardhouse – Surf & Turf Burger
Long Beach, CA

8. Made by Yours Truly 🙂 – Surf & Turf with sriracha butter

9. Umami – Surprise Me Special
Irvine, CA

10. El Pollo Inka – Lomo Saltado
Torrance, CA

*This is a diary of my food eaten over a period of the past couple of months so don’t get all crazy loll.
If you have any food favorites, let us know! 🙂



The Boy Is Mine

We all love a good throwback. Especially when it comes to music. So here it is:

The Throwback Thursdaze Tunezz(TBTT):

The day you post pictures of your “glory daze”
The day your friends post that one picture where they look good but your face is like -_o
The day you remind yourself of all those great memories.
And it’s about to get even greater with a TBT playlist!

Features a mix of the King of Pop, old R&B, gangsta shit, and even some Jewel & Armageddon to cry ya eyes out to.
So if you getting ready or on zee way to work and want to sing your heart out, here ya go!
Strictly before the Y2K!



Friday Night IN!

It’s October, it’s almost Halloween, AND it’s FRIDAY!
It’s costume party season!


If you’re anything like me, spending a night at home doesn’t sound too bad after an exhausting week or you got a cold (like me).
So grab a blanket and popcorn, call your pizza delivery dude and let the Friday-Night-Netflix-Binge begin.

To keep in the Halloween theme…

The Craft (1996)
The Craft (1996)
Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
The Awakening (2011)
The Awakening (2011)

The Craft and The Nightmare before Christmas being favorites for me, I’m gonna need a brave partner to watch The Awakening with. So this is what I will be doing. Creepin’ myself out and hiding behind a blanket or pillow with one eye peeking.

If you have any Halloween movie favorites, let us know!

Will you be out and about or staying in? Whatever it is, have fun!

Peace, love, and lots of pizza!

❤ MissCherieA

Boob Collection

Gold Soul is a proud sponsor of Zara’s Breast Cancer Foundation! Every beginning of October, Gold Soul comes out with “Boob Collection” with Pink Against Cancer items in which 100% of all items purchased from the Boob Collection go straight to the American Cancer Society in honor of Zara. You can purchase and item or donate separately! Making strides against breast cancer! Make a difference today!  

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