The Positivity of Full Moon Rituals

Tomorrow night on November 25th when the Moon makes itself present, venture outside and take part in a Full Moon Ritual.

Why? Simply because these Full Moon Rituals allow us to let go and release things that are not of our highest good. Think of it as taking one massive step in your life by symbolically moving forward.

Full Moon Rituals can be incredibly powerful. They’re all about releasing negativity, getting rid of any burdens in your life and celebrating your souls’ transformation. You emerge with a new positive behavior, attitude and relationship with yourself.

fullmoonritualsTomorrow night, get together with good company and good vibes only. Here are a few Full Moon rituals to cleanse your soul.

In a circle, write down anything that you want to release on a piece of paper. One by one, open up, trust and share what you’ve just written down. Throw the piece of paper into a fire to symbolize resolution and release.

Create a sacred ritual space and (if possible) position yourself under the Full Moon. Center yourself, breathe slowly and announce the purpose of this ritual. On a piece of paper, write down all negative things that you would like to release. Now you can rip it up, or you can burn it. Finally, connect with the Full Moon and give thanks for all things good.

Fill a large bowl with water. On a piece of paper, write down what you would like to draw into your life. One by one, read these out loud then, altogether place your hands into the bowl of water. This symbolizes the cleansing of the old to welcome in the new.

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What to expect when Mercury will Retrograde

Mercury is retrograding again. In other words: Mercury is going cray again.

Actually it’s not, but from Earth, that’s what it looks like. From Earth, the planet Mercury (the closest planet to he Sun) looks like it’s moving backwards. You see, Mercury’s orbit around the Sun is a lot shorter than Earths, so it zooms past us and that’s when the Mercury Retrograde periods happen. From all this, Mercury creates enough turbulence and disruption when it retrogrades that it affects what we humans feel and our everyday lives on Earth – pretty interesting stuff!

Right now, we’re in the middle of one of Mercury’s periods of retrograde: September 15 – October 9, 2015.

You might have already experienced some of the effects caused by Mercury, but here’s more of what to expect from this retrograde!

Plans may take an unexpected turn
Plan for your plans to go pear-shaped. You might even find yourself planning for a few friends to get together for a few drinks only to find out that they’ll all cancel at the last minute. Don’t expect a lot of organized events to go as perfectly as you planned!

Be flexible with time
Because you never know how your plans are going to pan out during the Mercury Retrograde period, you should be flexible with time. Take extra care and take into consideration all the things that could be in your path: traffic, delayed flights, your car breaking down, losing your train ticket – anything could happen!

Be prepared for people in angry moods
Especially people who work in Transport, Marketing, Writing, Publishing, Sales and Public Relations. These are the industries that Mercury has control over. You may notice their moods changing, and not in a good way, so be extra super nice to people who work in these professions.

Don’t make big, final decisions
During this time, we often don’t gather all the facts and the info that we need, so basically Mercury makes us go a tiny bit whack with our decisions. Avoid making big long-term decisions to be on the safe side!

Have time for personal reflection
Experts say that the periods where Mercury is in Retrograde is the best time to stop, think and re-direct our energies in a more productive and positive way. We’re often rushing through life without giving everything our full attention, so during this retrograde, Mercury will help us to find closure to certain things in our lives.


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