Fashion Highlights: Met Gala 2015

Don’t we all love these events where the guest list is second to none?

It’s Met Gala time and we can’t help but to have a little snoop on social media to see what everyone wore and and how they wore it! This year’s theme of exhibition was ‘China: Through the Looking Glass’ and was supposedly the biggest exhibit the Met has put together! Every frock, gown and suit on the Red Carpet was spectacular, but who has landed a spot in my Best Dress list?

Gong Li

Gigi Hadid

Kendall Jenner

Reece Witherspoon

Miranda Kerr

Amanda Seyfried

Lizzy Caplan

Carey Mulligan


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TAKE ME BACK: Coachella Fashion 2015

I think it’s fair to say that Coachella is THE place to be snapped for showing off your style and out shining everyone else.

As much as we loved the music and the performers, the rides and the dancing, the food and the celebrities – Coachella’s candid fashion show always turns heads.

03-coachella-street-style-13Photo credit:

Bandanas worn only by the badasses who dare to vibe with the tough bikie look.

03-coachella-street-style-15Photo credit:

It isn’t a music festival if we don’t see someone sporting a pair of space buns! Paired with a funky fanny pack, you’ve got yourself one on point ‘chella look.

fashion-mainPhoto credit:

White on white on white for days. Love it.

Jourdan-Dunn-Vogue-13Apr15-Getty_b_426x639Photo credit:

You can’t go wrong with a crochet cut-out number and a chunky ass statement necklace. Chic and festival friendly.

hbz-street-style-coachella-2015-day1-15_1Photo credit:

Two things we love – edgy sunnies and a bit of mesh! Perfectly paired with this monochrome look.

What was your favorite Coachella look?

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HOT STUFF: The Midi Dress

Haven’t you heard? Midi Dresses are a the newest must-have for your wardrobe this year, so if you don’t own at least one, then you need to ask yourself why aren’t you getting onto that shit? They’re one of the most versatile pieces and can be styled in so many different ways, whether you’re a grungy gal or if you prefer them feminine vibes. So who else is wearing Midi Dresses you ask? Well only the hottest style icons and bloggers known to man, of course! But if you still need a little more style inspo to make your Midi Dress outfits stand out from the rest, then I’ve got a few tips on how to glam up and accessorize like a boss!

Crystal Dainty Ringcelet (x)
Gnarly C Sunnies (x)
Gold Snake Body Chain (x)

RITATYPOrita-ora-stylechi-casual-white-patterned-bodycon-midi-dress-trainerritaCaged Sunnies (x)
Flash Tattoos (x)

KYLIETYPOkylie-billboards-2kylieTriple Chain Arm Cuff (x)
Bars of Gold Midi Ring Set (x)
Triple Icicle Rock Dainty Necklace (x)

CARATYPOLe-Fashion-Blog-Wedding-Look-Cara-Delevingne-Camel-And-Black-Formal-Style-London-Street-2caraGold Peace Double Ring Chain (x)
Gold Ear Cuff Hair Chain (x)
Plaid Flannel Dress (x)

RIHTYPOrihanna-margiela-burnished-bootsrihBlack Trio Coal Ring Set (x)
Black Faux Septum Nose Ring (x)
Smiley Sunnies (x)
Spike Collar Necklace (x)

LUCYTYPOlucyGypsy Head Chain (x)
Snake Gold Ringcelet (x)

LIATYPOScreen Shot 2015-01-12 at 11.46.28 amliaValentine Sunnies (x)
Silver Double Body Chain (x)
Crystal Squig Ear Cuff (x)

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