Cleansing Rituals that don’t involve food!

It seems like everyone’s on a cleanse these days. People are all over green juices, kale smoothies, detox waters – you name it – if it cleanses something, people are all over that.

How about a cleanse that betters your mind and soul? Doesn’t that sound indulging? Here are some ways that we recommend you get on the cleansing bandwagon… and it doesn’t even involve green food.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 6.30.16 pmMeditate, appreciate.
It’s all about that calm life. De-stress yourself by Meditating, whether that means you take classes, participate with a group of friends or just Meditate by yourself in peace and quiet. It gives you the chance to clear your mind and fully relax.

Love your skin and give it its own cleanse. Look for a good body scrub or you could even make your own. Scrub and exfoliate away the impurities to reveal your polished skin. Scrub and feel refreshed!

DO sweat it.
Speaking of getting rid of impurities, sweat out the bad stuff. Get your heart rate up and sweat, sweat, sweat! It may sound gross now, but not only does this cleanse your pores from impurities, but it keeps you fit, healthy and oh-so-sexy.

Let it go, let it goooo!
Let. It. Go. Just let it all go. The bad vibes, the negativity, your past – whatever it is, there’s time for you to take a moment and release all that bad energy in your life. Remember that your mind and soul needs to be fed with positives too!

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Written by Gold Soul blogger Alissa Recil.
She is a design student and a freelance writer from Australia.
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