Things you shouldn’t do when they’re clearly not into you

Here at Gold Soul, we’re all about them golden and positive vibez.

Don’t hang on to negative people and their negative energy. You don’t need that shit and you deserve better! Love and relationships can always be a shitty thing, especially when the feelings aren’t mutual. But sometimes, you just gotta forget about people who don’t matter, leave them behind and keep being a bad bitch.


1. Avoid being a clingy texter

We never appreciate anyone over-texting us, so if you’re going to send “We should talk” or “Let’s hang out soon” messages every day, they’re probably not going to be interested. Don’t waste your time… or your money.

2. Don’t stalk them on Social Media

We’re all guilty of doing it sometime in our lives. But, if you’re in a situation where you keep running back to this same poisonous person, it’s probably best that you stay far away from their Facebook and especially far away from photos that they’ve been tagged. Yes, they’re smiling and laughing with what looks like a new love interest. You deserve that too…. just not with that person.

3. It’s not a good idea to get drunk and talk to them

If you’re prone to blurting out the truth when you’ve had one too many, you best put your smart cap on before you get your drink on. We all do dumb things when we’re drunk so try not to make a fool of yourself.

4. Don’t assume you’re the only person in their life

They have friends too, and for the most part they’ll be of both genders. Yep, your crush has friends who are male and female. Like any other person, they’ll hang out with their friends, so don’t assume they’ll always work around your schedule.

5. Don’t settle for a half-assed relationship

If this person is obviously not interested, then it’s best that you move on. Best case scenario: they go out with you a few times out of pity or to shut you up. It’s the sad truth. You don’t deserve that half-assed relationship with some dickhead who doesn’t care at all for you.

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#WCW Rowi Singh

It’s that time of the week again – HUMP DAY. That can only mean one thing here at Gold Soul – it’s time to shine some light on a woman who we’re crushing on right now.

YEP, we’re appreciating the shit out of the one and only real-life bad bitch from Sydney, Australia: ROWI SINGH. We just can’t get enough of Rowi’s festival chic look that she absolutely flaunts all day erryday! From the gold flash tattoos and septums to unique pieces of clothing and henna tattoos, we can all agree that Rowi is our fave style BAE.

Follow Rowi / Tumblr | Instagram

Where does Rowi get her bangin’ style inspo from? “I love scrolling through Tumblr and my Instagram feed to get inspiration from other trendy bloggers and celebs!”

What trends is Rowi digging right now? “Bell bottoms paired with a vintage tee and huge round sunglasses! I’ve always loved black but I’m really getting into nudes and suede at the moment too.”

Everyone loves Gold Soul – what’s her all time FAVE piece from Gold Soul? “Hands down my buggy sunglasses. Soo0o0o cute.”



11282786_1447623842202170_108415643_n Buggy Sunnies $12.80


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