CLAWS OUT: Shapes and Sprinkles Nail Art

A fresh new mani is always the answer so get ready to try this one out for yourself and for your soul.

Bring a pop of fun and color into this fall season with shapes and sprinkles on your claws. This design is sure to be a conversation starter and they’ll be the talk of the town. So grab your cutest nail colors and get your manicure on!

What you’ll need
– White Nail Varnish
– Blue and Pink Nail Varnish
– Black or Grey Nail Varnish
– Clear Top Coat
– Small Nail Art Brush

IMG_7019Begin with clean nails, then paint on 2 coats of White Nail Varnish. Let that dry.

IMG_7021Take your Blue color and paint on some triangle shapes wherever you’d like. They can be tiny, large, they can even bleed off your nail. Get creative, sista!

IMG_7022Then take the Pink color and paint on some circles. Get creative with this as well!

IMG_7026Once all of the color is dry, you can grab your Nail Art Brush and your grey or black color (your choice). As carefully as you can, outline the shapes. Then you can go ahead and fill in the white spaces with tiny dashes A.K.A sprinkles!

IMG_7027 IMG_7030Let everything dry, then you can finish off with a layer of your favorite clear Top Coat.IMG_7031

This design is inspired by a recent collection by Gorman Clothing, but your new nails would look bangin’ with a brand new outfit from Gold Soul. Check us out.

Need more nail art inspo? No worries – check out these tutorials.

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