So we hear that you’re obsessed with the grey lipped bae. Don’t worry – so are we.

Wearing a grey lip is a daring and bold makeup look that you can easily and casually wear because let’s be real, you can rock whatever you want without anyone’s judgement.

Christmas brings out everything that sparkles. Sparkly dresses, shimmery makeup and glittery decor. Now, you can Christmasify the beloved grey lip by adding a little bit of shimmer.greylip1

Simply apply your desired grey lip color as per usual. If you feel like you’ve searched every inch of the world to get your hands on a grey lip color, here’s one to check out, or you could use a grey eyeliner to fill in your lips!

Then, add your sparkle towards the middle of your lips. This can be achieved with a silver lipstick with a bit of shimmer, loose glitter or a clear gloss with some glitter chunks.

Looking for lipstick inspiraion? Check these out.

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Written by Gold Soul blogger Alissa Recil. She is a design student and a freelance writer from Australia. Follow her at Words By Femme.