I CAN AND I WILL: How to stay motivated

This is for those who love being creative. This is for those who are stumped for ideas for a school project. This is for those who are finding it hard to stay true to themselves and sticking to a personal goal. This is a post for anyone who’s ever found it difficult to find inspiration when they need it most, and let’s face it – we’ve all been in that situation.

So if you’re feeling bummed out in the motivation department, here are a few little tips that will keep you motivated and to ‘wow’ the people around you.


1. Let your friends inspire you
Look around and realize that you’ve surrounded yourself with amazing peeps. Your best buddies will become your favorite motivation – just be with them and enjoy life. You’ll see.

2. Make a mood board
Not only do mood boards look incredibly artistic and chic, but they inspire you to get shit done! Your mood board is your mood board, so go crazy. Gather cut outs from magazines, print things from the net, write notes on paint color cards or if you like things digital, try making a Pinterest (Warning: You may get addicted).

3. Let the lyrics speak
It’s happened to the best of us. You know, when we hear a lyric of a song and think ‘Oh my god, this song is my jam.’ That’s what songs are supposed to do, so whether you’re a ‘IDGAF’ fan of M.I.A or a slow jam fan of Regina Spektor, listen to songs that keep you going.

4. Have the right mindset
Stop telling yourself that you can’t do things, because I’m here to officially tell you that you can do whatever the f*** you want! Instead of avoiding whatever you need to do and making up excuses, tell yourself that you actually want to and push yourself to do more! 👊


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Yes, Valentine’s Day may be over and done with and you’re probably sick of the word ‘love’, but back up for a sec now. It’s time to really focus on you and only you. It’s time to learn to love the person that you are. Don’t get me wrong, having that special someone in your life to love is an awesome thing, but it’s important that you’re 100% confident with yourself and oozing with positive vibes!

So you’re ready to love yourself? It’s simple and so amazing for your well-being. After you read this, hopefully you’ll feel inspired to go out there and do great things because why the hell not?


1. Stop comparing yourself to other people. You’re your own original person and that’s what makes you, you. That persons’ Instagram you keep lurking because you think they have a ‘perfect’ life – they’re entire life isn’t revealed through a few little square photos, so it’s no use putting yourself down because you think you’re not living life to the fullest because everyone their has ups and downs (yes, even the Kardashian’s and the Jenner’s).

2. Learn to have a laugh at yourself every once in a while and have fun while doing it. Don’t you want to look back at your life when you’re 90 and think ‘That was such a laugh’?

3. It’s 2015 and unfortunately, there are still judgmental pricks that exist. But, a legend by the name of Rihanna once said “Don’t let the bastards get you down.” Take that advice and realize the beauty of your body – from the spots on your face to the stretchmarks on your thighs, they’re imperfections that should be embraced and loved. They’re a sign that you are an imperfect human and that you’re totally okay with that.

4. Take a moment to appreciate life. Yours in particular. Think about how much you’ve already accomplished so far and think to yourself “Damn, I’m a bad ass bitch”. Having the right attitude is key to fully understanding how to love yourself, so be inspired and do more awesome shit that you can be proud of.


So, now it’s your turn to take action. Have you told yourself how beautiful you are today?

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20 things to do before you’re 20

Remember that bucket list you made when you were 9 years old? It’s awesome that you’re ambitious, so it’s time to get really real. Get inspired and get stuff done. Here are some things that you should try to do before you’re 20 and officially an adult. Make a list for yourself and stick to it, but most importantly – have fun.

1. Go on a road trip with your favorite people

2. Go to at least 5 concerts and sing/dance your heart out

3. Learn another language

4. Kiss the boy/girl that you like

5. Write a novel

6. Meet someone famous

7. Have a water balloon fight with friends

8. Learn to skate

9. Eat something you’ve never eaten before

10. Do yoga on the beach

11. Finish High School

12. Learn a song on an instrument

13. Buy yourself something Designer

14. Learn to surf

15. Get your drivers license

16. Make a drastic change to your hair

17. Go stargazing

18. Do a Color Run

19. Volunteer and donate to charity

20. Go Skydiving


PS. Don’t grow up too fast.

Alissa x