Things you should say goodbye to before 2016 | PART 2

Good morning to the final beautiful morning of 2015!

As the year comes to an end, we want to help you say goodbye to the things that you’d rather leave behind with the past year. We’re all for letting go, cleansing the soul and moving forward.


You’ve stumbled upon part two; you can read part one here x

Saying “no” to opportunities too often
Say goodbye to overthinking situations and letting yourself talk yourself out of opportunities. Just say “yes” and see what amazing things you could get up to.

Say goodbye to taking life for granted. Don’t complain as much and appreciate what you have, the people, the love and the support that you’re surrounded by. Go tell someone how much you love them!

Not ‘having time’ for important things
Say goodbye to not putting what’s important first. Get your priorities right and put more effort in to make time for the important things.

Being afraid
Say goodbye to the fear that you’ve built up. Whether it’s being afraid of letting someone fully in to your life, or if it’s your fear of spiders – work on it and ultimately tell yourself that you actually can conquer anything.

Cleanse your soul for the new year. Click here for Part 1.

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Written by Gold Soul blogger Alissa Recil.
She is a design student and a freelance writer from Australia.
Follow her at Words By Femme.

Things you should say goodbye to before 2016 | PART 1

You’ve heard of New Year resolutions and for the most part, people never stick to them.

Instead, why not start fresh this week leading up to the new year by saying see ya later to the negativity in your life. Today and Thursday, Gold Vibez will be preparing your mind, body and soul for 2016 by letting go of the unwanted baggage you’ve maybe built up over this year.


Get ready to greet the new year with an open heart and an open mind by saying goodbye to these things.

Thinking negatively about others
Say goodbye to negative thinking about people. It’s so easy to judge a book by its cover, so focus on steering away from that state of mind. Turn it around and think positively. More empowerment!

Poisonous people
Say goodbye to people who bring a whole lot of negativity into your life. You don’t need an excuse to walk away from relationships like these. It’s okay to be in control of who you let in to your life.

Body “standards”
Say goodbye to the pressure of reaching the “perfect body”. Set your own body goals and make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. Remember babe, you’re already beautiful.

Thinking the worst in situations
Say goodbye to being a pessimist. It’s not a healthy thing to always expect the worst all the time, so stick to being more of an optimist in the new year.

Watch this space. Part 2 coming soon.

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Written by Gold Soul blogger Alissa Recil.
She is a design student and a freelance writer from Australia.
Follow her at Words By Femme.

5 Ways to Stay Happy In The New Year


New Year resolutions are about to become a worldwide trending topic so prepare yourself – everyone’s favorite saying is about to become ‘New year, new me’ and prepare yourself for everyone who’ll give up on their new year resolutions after just 3 weeks. Make 2015 one of your best and happiest years yet by incorporating these steps into your everyday life and fill your soul with all things positive.


Smile more
It’s a small gesture that will guarantee you a happiness boost every day of the year. It doesn’t cost a thing and it can straight away put you in a good mood – go on and try it right now. See? Smile when you talk on the phone, smile when you watch the sun setting, smile when you walk down the street and you’re most likely to brighten up the day of someone else. Win, win.

Take care of yourself
You’ve heard it from literally everyone – that person on TV, that columnist in that magazine, your Mother, your pets probably. Taking care of yourself a must to be as healthy as ever, to look hot as hell and to be the strongest bad ass known to man.

Good vibes only
Surround yourself with your best bae’s, listen to ace music and don’t let anyone f**k with you. Be sure to have those good laughs and have those positive thoughts and your soul will be overflowing with good vibes only!

Embrace the minimalistic trend and de-clutter your space, whether that be your wardrobe, your work space, your entire room or your entire house. Like a weight lifted off your shoulders, you’re mind will be free of distractions, letting you get more shit done!

Get out there
Live like you depend on that overused saying: You only live once. Take a step out of your comfort zone and discover new things in the world. Say ‘yes’ to more opportunities and meet as many people as you can because there’s so much on Earth that you’re yet to see.

Alissa xx