5 Things Everyone Should Aim For This Year

Late to hop on the resolutions bandwagon? Or maybe your resolution plan isn’t panning out as smoothly as you thought it would?

It’s OKAY! It’s totally okay if resolutions aren’t your thing. You have your whole life to better your mind and soul, so not keeping up with resolutions is no biggie.

So don’t stress, be motivated and ambitious. Aim for these things if you’re still wanting to be inspired this year.

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1. Find the time to spend with friends
And we mean true, true friends. Not the low-key bitchy ones you stuck around with in High School. Embrace your genuine pals and go for that brunch date that you’ve always been talking about.

2. Go on an adventure
This is a no-brainer. Whether you want to travel with some company or by yourself – go out and broaden your horizons!

3. Think positively about yourself
Everyday look in the mirror and tell yourself a positive affirmation. Hopefully in no time, your daily “You’re a stunner” and “You’re a warrior” affirmations will secure your confidence in yourself!

4. Save up your pennies
Just so you have it, you know? Try really hard to save some extra dollars and if you do the math – you’ll save enough money to pay for a months’ rent or even buy a ticket to your dream holiday?

5. Give back
In this day and age, we’re so blessed to have what we have. We have to be reminded that a lot of people in our community don’t have it as good. Aim to give back, whether that’s donating some garments that don’t fit you anymore, or volunteering at a shelter.

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Written by Gold Soul blogger Alissa Recil.
She is a design student and a freelance writer from Australia.
Follow her at Words By Femme.

Things you should say goodbye to before 2016 | PART 2

Good morning to the final beautiful morning of 2015!

As the year comes to an end, we want to help you say goodbye to the things that you’d rather leave behind with the past year. We’re all for letting go, cleansing the soul and moving forward.


You’ve stumbled upon part two; you can read part one here x

Saying “no” to opportunities too often
Say goodbye to overthinking situations and letting yourself talk yourself out of opportunities. Just say “yes” and see what amazing things you could get up to.

Say goodbye to taking life for granted. Don’t complain as much and appreciate what you have, the people, the love and the support that you’re surrounded by. Go tell someone how much you love them!

Not ‘having time’ for important things
Say goodbye to not putting what’s important first. Get your priorities right and put more effort in to make time for the important things.

Being afraid
Say goodbye to the fear that you’ve built up. Whether it’s being afraid of letting someone fully in to your life, or if it’s your fear of spiders – work on it and ultimately tell yourself that you actually can conquer anything.

Cleanse your soul for the new year. Click here for Part 1.

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Written by Gold Soul blogger Alissa Recil.
She is a design student and a freelance writer from Australia.
Follow her at Words By Femme.

Things you should say goodbye to before 2016 | PART 1

You’ve heard of New Year resolutions and for the most part, people never stick to them.

Instead, why not start fresh this week leading up to the new year by saying see ya later to the negativity in your life. Today and Thursday, Gold Vibez will be preparing your mind, body and soul for 2016 by letting go of the unwanted baggage you’ve maybe built up over this year.


Get ready to greet the new year with an open heart and an open mind by saying goodbye to these things.

Thinking negatively about others
Say goodbye to negative thinking about people. It’s so easy to judge a book by its cover, so focus on steering away from that state of mind. Turn it around and think positively. More empowerment!

Poisonous people
Say goodbye to people who bring a whole lot of negativity into your life. You don’t need an excuse to walk away from relationships like these. It’s okay to be in control of who you let in to your life.

Body “standards”
Say goodbye to the pressure of reaching the “perfect body”. Set your own body goals and make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. Remember babe, you’re already beautiful.

Thinking the worst in situations
Say goodbye to being a pessimist. It’s not a healthy thing to always expect the worst all the time, so stick to being more of an optimist in the new year.

Watch this space. Part 2 coming soon.

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Written by Gold Soul blogger Alissa Recil.
She is a design student and a freelance writer from Australia.
Follow her at Words By Femme.


We’ll all have those times when we just need to throw on some headphones and blast some ballads to get rid of those bad, bad negative vibes.

Guys and gals, there’s no need to feel heartbroken – it’s time to move on with some good bangerz. Get out there and feel empowered because we think that you deserve to be surrounded by positive vibes. So get onto this playlist right now and tell them negative people to get the f*** out!

Got Spotify? Follow this playlist here

Fuck You – Lily Allen

Girl Gang – Kate Nash

You Don’t Own Me – Grace ft. G-Easy

Stereotype – Samsaya

BBD – Azealia Banks

Bad Girls – M.I.A

Hideaway – Kiesza

Dancing On My Own – Robyn

Partition – Beyoncé

Red Lipstick – Rihanna

Fuck ‘Em Only We Know – Banks

Leave (Get Out) – Jojo

Fergalicious – Fergie ft. will.i.am

Stop Trying – Sia

*** Flawless – Beyoncé

Rescue – Yuna

Air Balloon – Lily Allen

Take A Bow – Rihanna

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4 Steps Closer To Being A Morning Person

As Beyoncé says “I woke up like ‘dis”

Yep, we wake up as we are and most of the time that’s like a very annoyed, half-human, half-zombie… creature. Basically, mornings just aren’t everyone’s forte. The good news is: that can change with a few alterations to our before and after sleep rituals. Here’s a few tips!

1. Go to bed before 12am

If you’re the type of person who has a habit of heading to bed at 3am, this might be hard to hear. One of the main reasons why people hate mornings is that they’re hella tired from the night before. Whether you spent the night talking to some guy or scrolling through 7 different online stores, of course you’re going to be tired if you only got 4 hours of sleep. For those nights when you don’t have to be up late, try getting your beauty sleep before midnight and you’ll wake surprisingly refreshed the next morning.

2. Ditch the late night Instagram check ups

Let’s all be honest – we all love to tuck ourselves up into bed and get comfortable with our phones in hand, right? We’re all guilty of it but it really is time to just not worry about social media as soon as we get comfortable in bed. Just rest your eyes and you’ll wake up the next morning ready to spend the rest of the day looking at your phone screen!

3. Morning stretches

Ahh, it’s the best thing about waking up – stretching your body after a nights sleep. Why not carry out those good feelings and roll out a yoga mat? You don’t need to have the flexibility of a contortionist, just look up some easy yoga moves and stretch out your body!

4. Look forward to Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of your day and you CAN’T miss it! It kicks off your day, so create a meal that gets you excited and energized for the entire day! A berry smoothie with fresh berries on top? Yes please. Pancakes on pancakes on pancakes? Go for it! Croissants smothered in Nutella? Why. The. Eff. Not?

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