NAIL THE LOOK: Tips to achieve salon nails

You either hate doing it, or you love it. Yep, it’s all about painting NAILS today and getting them claws on fleek.

Avoid easy chipping and weak nails for good! You don’t need to be a professional nail technician to achieve perfect salon nails – just add these few simple things into your nail routine and just like that, you’ll definitely see an improvement on your nail game!

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Shape your nails in a way that works for you. Make sure they’re functional for what you get up to during the day. If you work a lot with your hands, you don’t want to end up with broken nails!

Your nails need a good clean too! Before you start painting onto your nails, clean them beforehand. Soften the nails and give them a good scrub so that your varnish glides on with ease.

Push your nail varnish into your nail bed. Instead of painting in just one upwards motion, start in the middle of your nail and push the color towards your nail bed. Doing this will have you saying goodbye to streaks, and hello to even color.

Get yourself a really, really, really good top coat. Like, really good. It’s the last step in the routine, so it’s good to have a top coat that leaves your nails dry, in good condition and with little or no smudges.

When nails are dry, leave them in icy cold water. It dries and sets your nails even more and leaves absolutely no room for smudges or chips. Perfect nails always!

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Written by Gold Soul blogger Alissa Recil.
She is a design student and a freelance writer from Australia.
Follow her at Words By Femme.