4 obvious but helpful ways to safe money

So you want to save up a little extra money for that cheeky holiday you’re planning for the summer? Or you’re dreaming of finally owning your dream pair of designer shoes? We could all use a little bit of advice when it comes to money and babe, you got this. Here’s a reminder of a few little easy, obvious but helpful ways you can save some dollar billz… yo.

1. Hold off on the daily coffee

This may be hard to hear for coffee lovers, but you’ll be thanking yourself later! Think about it – if you grab a coffee every day, you might be already be spending double digits on hot beverages each week! Try brewing your own coffee at home and bringing it with you in a cute to-go mug, or if you just cannot resist a coffee from a barista, limit your cafe visits to 2 or 3 a week?

2. Don’t splurge on ‘wants’

Resist the thought! You don’t NEED those heels or that $200 pair of jeans! To make it easier, as weird as it sounds: don’t window shop so often. We always find ourselves “just looking” then somehow we’re at the checkout handing the sales assistant our money… oops! Think long term and use what you’re saving up for as incentive to save!

3. Shop around for sales

This goes hand in hand with the previous tip – if you do find yourself walking around at the mall and you need some new gear, take some time to look around for sales, deals and bargains. They’ll become your best friend.

4. Have 2 bank accounts

This one takes a little bit more effort, but so beneficial! Do yourself a favor and open up another bank account – have one for your daily spending on necessities and one for your savings. Make sure you manage these accounts regularly! Only put what you need into your daily spending account and put the rest in your savings account.


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