4 Ways To Achieve Voluminous Hair

Let’s forget about teasing the crap out of your hair for a sec because there are other alternatives to getting big, sexy, voluminous hair without getting it tangled and damaged.

You don’t even need to hire the most expensive Hollywood hair stylist to achieve it – just spend a few dollars and get that voluminous hair, girl!

Dry Shampoo
Your savior for when you’re having a few lazy days off and you have last minute plans to go out. If your hair is greasy and in need of some seriously quick and easy glam, spay some good Dry Shampoo through your hair, give it a tousle and you’re good to go, girlie!

Drying your hair upside down
It’s a classic trick that some may know of, and it works wonders! Once your hair is towel dried, bend forward and let your hair hang over your head. Grab your hairdryer and aim it down so you’re drying from the roots to the ends.

Focus on the roots
Find your favorite volumizing hair product. If you don’t have one yet: go out, pick up a few different ones, try them and see which product works best for you. Once you’ve found the perfect product, try focusing the application of the product to the roots of your hair. This will allow your hair to react better to the product and do what it’s supposed to do!

Curls for life
If products ain’t your thing, you can always go for your trusty curling iron/wand (or straightener, even!) By creating soft, wavy curls throughout your hair, it gives the illusion of bigger and sexier hair! You’re just about ready to break hearts now.

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