#WCW Jennaly Alexis Bounvilom

WOOOO! Happy hump days guys and girls! Guess who has a new girl crush? We do! And it’s none other than the stunning Jennaly Alexis Bounvilom! (IG: jennalyyy)

We’re crushin’ hard on Jennaly and her mad stylish aesthetic. Jennaly is a Youtuber and a creative Instagrammer whose profile we could spend hours on, just scrolling, liking and lusting over her dope wardrobe. Learn from her as she shows you how to style the latest trends, how to do your hair like a boss, and watch her as she gives you an insight into little snippets of her life. Subscribe to her on Youtube and give her a follow on Insta!

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Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 10.14.58 pm

Plaid Coat $42.80

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 10.22.15 pm

Mocha Marsh Backpack SOLD OUT

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 10.21.34 pm

White V-Neck Curve Dress $25.80

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 10.04.04 pm

Lala Mandala iPhone Case $9.80

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 10.22.29 pm

Mime Striped Crop Top $13.80

Deuces ✌

wbf sign off2

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#WCW Rowi Singh

It’s that time of the week again – HUMP DAY. That can only mean one thing here at Gold Soul – it’s time to shine some light on a woman who we’re crushing on right now.

YEP, we’re appreciating the shit out of the one and only real-life bad bitch from Sydney, Australia: ROWI SINGH. We just can’t get enough of Rowi’s festival chic look that she absolutely flaunts all day erryday! From the gold flash tattoos and septums to unique pieces of clothing and henna tattoos, we can all agree that Rowi is our fave style BAE.

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Where does Rowi get her bangin’ style inspo from? “I love scrolling through Tumblr and my Instagram feed to get inspiration from other trendy bloggers and celebs!”

What trends is Rowi digging right now? “Bell bottoms paired with a vintage tee and huge round sunglasses! I’ve always loved black but I’m really getting into nudes and suede at the moment too.”

Everyone loves Gold Soul – what’s her all time FAVE piece from Gold Soul? “Hands down my buggy sunglasses. Soo0o0o cute.”



11282786_1447623842202170_108415643_n Buggy Sunnies $12.80


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#WCW Jacks Sanchez

So it’s hump day yet again…which means it’s about damn time for another #WCW a.k.a. Woman Crush Wednesdaze! (For those of you who didn’t know) This week, the amazingly talented Jacks, @jackssanchez_, the professional makeup artist from exotic Sydney,Australia is being put in the spotlight. This aussie and her makeup skills are seriously on another level. Did I mention she’s a mother of three and has been successfully married for 6 years? (Congrats girl!) This beautiful mom knows how to stay in the know, keeps looking on fleek and stays on point with her makeup. Her makeup posts range from crazy theatrical makeup looks to glam to everyday makeup that every girl probably wishes she could do so effortlessly. Not only is she a proud customer of Gold Soul La but some of her recent posts have been showcasing her bad ass Gold Soul items! This lovely lady also publishes tutorials and has tons of makeup advice on her YouTube channel. If you haven’t subscribed to this bad chick’s channel..well, what are you waiting for? Below are just a few of her many makeup masterpieces.

jacks 2

Stone Cold Princess Head Chain by Gold-Soul.LA $16.80

jacks 3

Antique Tribal Faux Septum Ring $24.80 (Sold Out)

jacks 8

Gold Faux Bead Septum Nose Ring $11.80 (Sold out)

*Different/various style septum rings are available

jacks 5

Bars of Gold Midi Ring Set $10.80

jacks 6

Gold Shield Ring $2.80 (Sold Out)

More Gold-Soul ring options

Flash Tattoos

jacks 9

This photo is from Misfits of Beauty a new account on Insta dedicated to lovers of makeup and it’s artistry. Check this out bitches! They are doing an amazing Makeup Challenge for January. Even though it’s started already it’s never too late…try it out.

XOXOXO Porschia 😉


#WCW Nicole G

Happy Hump Day! And you can’t forget (like ever), Woman Crush Wednesdaze! It was actually really hard to choose our woman for the week because of the listless baes out there in the world. But then in the blink of an eye, a very gawgeous make-up artist has cleared a pathway of our frantic thoughts and dawned to us our final #WCW choice. Cheers to his bad ass bae: Nicole (IG:@kingnicolejoline). You should also check our her youtube channel which you can find on the link of her IG bio. Vocal and make-up talented! Thumbs up*

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 2.34.19 AM

Faux Bead Septum $9.80

Tattoo Choker $6.80

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 2.32.00 AM

Black Trio Coal Ring Set $11.80

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 2.31.19 AM

Lock and Key Ear Chain Cuff $3.80

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 2.31.01 AMBlack Faux Septum $7.80


#WCW Val Mercado

Not only is it Wednesday, but it is #WCW. And if you haven’t caught the memo from about a week ago (shmoney dance*) then let us keep you in the loop of Gold Soul’s weekly woman crush Wednesdaze. We spotlight one of our favorite baddies we know you’d catch a feel or two that shoot us in -daze every Wednesdaze (Get it? lol). It’s the kind of daze that stupefies our very eyes. Today we want to give it up to this beautiful woman inside and out, Val Mercado! This baddie from New York almost looks like Jessica Alba right? Whether you disagree or not, they’re both fire. You’ll love everything about her from the way she carries herself to the way she expresses. She’s on the gram if you’re trynna catch a follow: @clothesmindedx3

Call it how you see it:


Caged Sunnies


Mesh Panel Dress


Faux Bead Septum

 Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 12.56.14 AM

Caged Sunnies

#WCW Kayla Phillips

You know how we do it. Weekly Wednesday’s to praise one of our endless list of #WCW’s! Yes. We love to embrace babes. What can we say? Today we want to shout out the bae: Kayla Phillips! mmHmmm… She’s hella babe huh? Her featured image was already an instant-without-a-secondthought click to scope out. She just recently changed up her hair to an black to teal ombre to luuuuuust for! haha. And not to mention that her son is such a cutie! You definitely can tell where he got his looks from. Got it from his momma! She’s another baddie with a stunna look at an all-time high. She’s one of those women that if you were to see her in public, her style and beauty catches your eyes real quick! (No creep zone* lol) It’s obvious when you scroll through her flicks though. She can be followed on IG: @imkaylaphillips.


Robo Sunnies $12.80


Tattoo Choker $6.80


Strawberry Crop Top $15.80

Strawberry High Waist Bottoms $16.80


Moonlight Crop Top $20.80

Moonlight Harem Pants $26.80


Black Out Crochet Harem Pants $31.80

(Take 50% off using promo: OFFYES)


Multiple Chain Ringcelet $8.80

#WCW Marycake

You know what today is… It’s whodafuq is Gold Soul’s first #WCW?! We just want to give a blunt toast, shot toast, french bread toast (lol jk, jk) to our first and foremost #WCW to our #WCE to the bae @marycake! What is not to love about her? We dig everything from her poppin’ ass hair, style to kill, on point make up, and her cute ass feline, Kanye! Her eccentricity is eye-catching. We got the flicks to prove it:

Tattoo Choker $6.80


Off the Shoulder Crop Top $14.80


Tattoo Choker $6.80


Faux Bead Septum Nose Ring $9.80


Black Trio Coal Ring Set $11.80

She is our day one gal on our journey to progress. Follow her on instagram @marycake. Everything about her feed is worth the scroll. 😉