DIY Bomber Jacket

Stay out of the cold and rug up with this Bomber jacket made by the one and only, you. This little Do It Yourself project lets you be as original as you can possibly be and you get to look all cute and warm up when your done.



– A plain Jumper
– Scissors
– White chalk/pencil
– Pins
– A needle & thread OR a sewing machine
– Materials for your choice of decorations (optional)


STEP 1 Grab your jumper and fold it in half, marking the folded center with your chalk.

IMG_5342 IMG_5345

STEP 2 Unfold your jumper and flatten it out in front of you. With your scissors, follow and cut along your chalk line.


STEP 3 Using your pins, fold back about half an inch from where you cut.


STEP 4 Sew along the edge using a sewing machine or by hand


STEP 5 At this stage, you have the basic Bomber design down. Now it’s your choice if you want to carry on and decorate your Bomber or leave it the way it is.

STEP 6 Decorate as you please. You can use all kinds of cute shit – rhinestones, ribbon, patches, badges to name a few. I chose to do a bit of dainty embroidery on mine, so I drew my designs on with chalk first, then went ahead and began embroidering away.


So simple right? Make one for yourself, your sister, your brother; your Grandma would probably love one too.


So why don’t you go out and find a sweater and cut it up and bling it up? It’s ridiculously inexpensive, versatile and original! Get on to it babe!


Alissa x